Responsibility of the CRJ acts

  1. Entrapment
    Entrapment- Used to show lack of intent ( provoke )
  2. Self Defense
    Self Defense- protect yourself or land , protect your property.
  3. Necesitty
    Necesitty- Brake a law to protect someone or something.
  4. Duress ( Coercion )
    Duress ( Coercion )- Ex: Rob a bank and the banker teller has to give you the money  ( no choice  but to do what they are they told.)
  5. Immaturity
    Immaturity- to young to  know about the law, and what they are doing.
  6. Mistake or Fact
    • Mistake or Fact- Ignorance  of the law
    • Ex: someone arrived from  d.r and they talk on the phone while driving  but over there its legal and they get arrested but they didnt know.
  7. Intoxication
    Intoxication- Can not be excused.
  8. Insanity
    Insanity- Ex: a father hits a mother and a child watches and when he grows up he feels that when his girl acts up he feels like she needs a whipping.
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Responsibility of the CRJ acts
Responsibility of the CRJ acts