English (H) Vocab list 7

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  1. resourceful
    • adj. 
    • Clever and imaginative, esp. In dealing with a difficult situation; able to deal effectively with problems
  2. implacable
    • adj.
    • not able to be appeased pacified or altered
  3. malevolent
    • adj.
    • wishing evil or harm to others; hateful; malicious; having or showing ill-will
  4. stalwart
    • adj.
    • phisically strong; sturdy; brave; valiant; resolute; firm; uncompromising
  5. disconsolate
    • adj.
    • hopelessly sad
  6. avenge
    • verb
    • to take revenge for (and injury, etc.); to take vengeance on behalf of
  7. sinister
    • adj
    • threatening harm or evil; wicked; promising trouble;ominous
  8. folly
    • noun
    • lack of good sense, understanding or forethought: foolishness; foolish action or belief
  9. audacity
    • noun
    • bold courage; insolence; impudence
  10. citadel
    • noun
    • a fortress or stronghold
  11. soothsayer
    • noun
    • a person who predicts or pretends to predict the future; one who fortells events
  12. paltry
    • adj
    • practically worthless; trifiling; insignificant; petty; vile
  13. abject
    • adj.
    • of the lowest degree; base; miserable; wretched; lacking self respect; degraded
  14. compatriot
    • noun
    • a fellow countryman; a colleague
  15. shroud
    • noun
    • a cloth used to wrap a body for burial; something that conceals or protects
  16. mentor
    • noun
    • a wise and trusted advisor, teacher, or coach
  17. libation
    • noun
    • the ritual of pouring oil or wine in honor of a god or the liquid thus poured
  18. harangue
    • noun
    • a long, noist, blustering speech; a pompous speech; tirade
  19. suppliant
    • noun
    • a person who asks for something humbly and earnestly, as by prayer
  20. diffidence
    • noun
    • shyness; timidity
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