Animal Cell Functions

  1. Exocytotic Vesicle
    To release destroyed particles
  2. Microvillus
    to absorb nutrients
  3. Golgi vesicles/Secretory Vesicles
    to store and release enzymes or other secretory products
  4. Pinocytotic vesicle
    • a) to absorb then release particles inside the cell
    • b)used for "cell drinking"
  5. Rough endoplasmic reticulum (ribbon) (ER)
    like an inner highway within the cell; it binds to the ribosomes to help make proteins which are then carried along the ER and placed in vesicles for transport to the Golgi Apparatus or cell membrane for export
  6. Ribosomes
    to make proteins to be used inside the cell, if ribosomes are "free" and losse in cytoplasm; or to make proteins to be used outside the cell, after being transported out, if ribosomes are attached to rough ER= endoplasmic reticulum
  7. Lysosome
    a special type of vesicle full of hydrolytic enzymes; formed by pinching off from the golgi apparatus; contains enzymes such as lipase, carbohydrates, protease, nuclease, that help with intreacellular digestion; recycle cell's own debris; helps with "programmed" cell self-distruction (autodigestion)
  8. Smooth endoplasmic reticulum
    to make lipids and hormones for transport by vesicles formation; to score calcium for muscle contractions; to detoxify drugs and poisons, esp. in the liver
  9. Cell Membrane
    to help control movement of molecules in and out of cells and to give shape to the cell and to hold cell contents together
  10. Golgi Apparatus
    like the warehouse of the cell; modifies and sorts (processes) the products (eg: raw enzymes) made by the ribosomes; packages more complex products into vesicles to be sent to either other parts of the cell or to the cell membrane to be secreted
  11. Centrioles
    help with animal cell division; to make cytoskeleton, which helps the cell move and gives shape to the cell; part of the Microtuble Organizing Center; formes basal bodies which give rise to microkilaments,microtubes--> Cilia, flagella
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