1. Christian Humanism
    humans had the ability to think + reason + still be christians
  2. Erasmus (reformer)
    • Holland
    • believe in god, don't just focus on being saved
    • stresses the inwardness of religious feeling
    • emotional connection w/ God
  3. "Erasmus laid the egg that Luther hatched"
    Luther takes Erasmus' idea + increases its importance
  4. Martin Luther years
  5. Where was Martin Luther from?
    He was a German monk
  6. Why does Martin Luther devote his life to God?
    • plague kills his friends
    • he almost dies from a lightening bolt
  7. How many times a day did Martin Luther go to confession?
  8. What was Martin Luther upset with?
    the catholic practice of selling indulgences
  9. indulgence
    • certificate from church officials
    • lessen years in purgatory
    • forgiven for your sins
    • buying your way into heaven
  10. Pope Leo X
    • gave permission to sell indulgences
    • (Luther thinks he's corrupt)
  11. John Tetzel (monk)
    • "As soon as coin in coffer rings, the soul from purgatory springs"
    • first advertiser
  12. Luther believes people are fooling themselves if they try to..
    " bribe god "
  13. 95 Theses
    • October 31, 1517
    • Luther nails to the Church of Wittenberg
    • criticisms of the Catholic church
  14. Diet of Worms
    • 1521
    • Holy Roman Emperor (Charles V) invites German princes + a papal rep to decide on Luther's fate
  15. quote of Luther at Diet of Worms
    "I am bound by the scriptures I have quoted + my conscience is captive to the word of God. I cannot + will not retract anything since it is neither safe nor right to go against conscience"
  16. Luther is excommunicated
    he is a heretic and outlaw
  17. Luther's writings are spread by
    the printing press
  18. split in christianity
    • catholics
    • protestant
  19. Protestant
    • protesting the practices of the Catholic church
    • reform church
  20. 4 key questions
    • How is a person to be saved?
    • Where does religious authority reside?
    • What is the church?
    • What is the highest form of Christian life?
  21. How is a person to be saved?
    • catholicism- stressed faith + good works, the sacraments
    • protestantism- emphasis on faith alone, no good works, 2 sacraments
  22. Where does religious authority reside?
    • catholicism- Pope is final authority
    • protestantism- bible
  23. What is the church?
    • catholicism- hierarchy of clergy
    • a protestantism- community of believers
  24. What is the highest form of Christian life?
    • catholicism- celibacy- no marriage + children, married to god, life of a monk
    • protestantism- no celibacy, direct connection, personal
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