1. Dosage for Epinephrine?
    Dosage via IV/IO, IM, Sub-Q, SVN, or ETT

    • Cardiac arrest, all rhythms (for dead people)
    • Epi 1mg of 1:10,000 IV push with 20cc NS flush q 3-5 minutes, no limit          
    • ETT route Epi 2mg of 1:1,000 diluted in syringe with 8cc

    • Anaphylaxis, Refractory bronchospasm
    • Epi 0.3mg of 1:1,000 IM

    • Infusion for hypotension     
    • Epi 1, 2, or 4mg 1:1,000 added to 250cc NS at 2-10mcg/min     
    • Use after other treatment
  2. Dosage for Verapamil?
    All doses are VERY slow IV push over 2-5 minutes with the patient supine

    Verapamil 2.5-5.0mg VERY slow IV push over 2-5 minutes.  May repeat in 15-30 minutes with 5-10mg
  3. Adult Dosage with Aspirin:
    Cardiac: 325 (4 x 81mg pediatric chewable tabs), chew or swallow

    • Peds
    • Not indicated for prehospital
  4. Dosage for Adenosine?
    All dosage VERY rapid IV push over 1-3 seconds followed by 20cc NS flush with patient supine.  
         16 or 18 guage in the AC
         Use injection port closest to hub
         Have ECG printing during administration

    6mg rapid IV push with 20cc NS flush.  May repeat twice every two minutes wtih 12 mg
  5. Dosage for Lidocaine?
    IV push, ETT, or infusion
    Adult - 
    1.0 - 1.5mg/kg IV push
    Every 5-10 minutes at 1/2 original dose up to 3mg/kg max

    If successful - infusion at 2-4mg/min by adding 1gm to 250cc NS

    Cardiac arrest - 20cc NS flush after giving
    ETT dose - double IV dose
  6. Dosage for Atropine?
    All Dosages are IV Push or ETT - FAST


    Symptomatic Bradycardia
         Atrial mechanisms only
              Atropine 0.5mg IV Push - q 5 min - max 0.04mg/kg

    Acetylcholinestrase inhibitor poisoning
    Cholinergic poisoning
         Atropine 2.0 - 5.0 mg IV Push - q 5 min - until symptoms resolved
  7. Dosage for Dopamine?
    MOA depends upon dosage

    Dopamine dose 1-2mcg/kg/min
         Activates dopamine receptors causing cerebral, renal, mesenteric vasodilation
              May increase urine output
              May drop BP

    Beta-1 Dose 2-10mcg/kg/min
         Activates Beta-1 receptors stimulates heart increasing cardiac output & BP
              Postive inotrope
              Positive chronotrope
              Postivite dropmotrope

    Alpha-1 dose 10-20mcg/kg/min
         Activates Alpha-1 receptors causing renal, mesenteric, & peripheral vasoconstriction
              Increases PVR increases BP
              Increased Preload
              >20mcg/kg/min similar to norepi with massive vasoconstriction

    • All doses via IV infusion

    • Add 400mcg to 250cc NS bag giving 1600mcg/cc
           Symptomatic bradycardia with hypostension &/or non-hypovolemic shock
    •           Dopamine 5mcg/kg/min initial infusion, increase if no repsonse

  8. Doseage for Glucagon?
    All hytpoglycemic doses are IM.  Other indications may be given IV.  

    • Adult:
    • Hypoglycemia
    •      Glucagon 1mg IM
    • Smooth muscle relaxant/Beta-blocker OD
    •      Per agency or patch with medical control
  9. Dosage for Pitocin?
    All dosages via IV infusion or IM

    • Adult
    • Infusion
    •      Pitocin 10 units added to 10000cc LR infused at rate necessary to control bleeding

    • IM
    •      10 units IM
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