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  1. cohort study
    a study in which some specific group is studied over time. although data may be collected from different members in each set of observations
  2. ecological fallacy
    drawing conclusions about individuals based only on the observation groups
  3. hypothesis
    a tentative and testable prediction about how changes in one thing are expected to explain and be accompanied by changes in something else. a statement of something that ought to be observed in real world if a theory is correct
  4. hypothesis testing
    the determination of whether the expectations that a hypothesis represents are actually found to exist in the real world
  5. longitudinal study
    a study that involves the collection of data at different points in time
  6. panel studies
    longitudinal study in which data are collected from the same sample- at several points in time
  7. reductionism
    a fault of some researches: a strict limitation of the kinds of concepts to be considered relevant to the phenomenon under study
  8. units of analysis
    what or whom are being studied- individual people
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