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  1. conceptualization
    • the mental process where concepts- fuzzy and imprecise ideas- are made more specific
    • EX. idea of studying prejudice- what do you mean by prejudice? different kinds?
  2. curvilinear relationship
    relationship between 2 variables that changes at different values of the variables
  3. direct behavioral observation
    source of data/ collection of data- researchers watch what people do rather than rely on what they say about themselves or what others say about them
  4. mediating variable
    the IV --> mediating variable ---> DV
  5. moderating variable
    a variable that influences the strength or direction of a relationship between IV and DV
  6. negative relationship
    1 variable increases in value while the other decreases
  7. operational definition
    the concrete and specific definition of something in terms or the operations by which observations are to be categorized
  8. positive relationship
    1 variable increase as the other increases
  9. reification
    the process of regarding as real things that are not real
  10. relationship
    variables that change together in a consistent, predictable fashion
  11. self-reports scales
    a source of data in which research subjects all respond in writing to the same list of written to the same list of written questions or statements that has a been constructed to measure a particular construct
  12. variable
    • logical groupings of attributes
    • EX. variable 'gender' attributes 'male' 'female'
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