7 Principles of the CRJ

  1.  Legality
    Legality- There must be a law that defines the specific action of a crime.
  2. Actus Reas?
    Actus Reas- Criminal laws are aimed at human acts, including that a person failed to undertake  ("THOUGHT") Intent to committ the crime.
  3.  Causation?
    Causation- For a crime to be committed, there must be a casual relationship between  the act and the harm suffured.
  4.  Harm
    Harm- Harm someone or property for it to be a crime someone has to be harmed physically, mentally, emotionally or property. They must feel threaten.
  5. Concurrence
    Concurrence- For an act to be a crime, the intent and the act must be present at the same time.
  6. Mens Rea
    Mens Rea-  The act is not a crime unless it is acompained by a guilty state of mind(" ACTION") guilty mind of committing the crime.
  7. Punishment
    • Punishment- There must be a punishment
    • EX: Social service, Probation, Etc
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7 Principles of the CRJ
7 principles of the CRJ