1. place, year
    Italy, 1469 AD
  2. Niccolo Machiavelli wrote
    The Prince
  3. main concern
    how should rulers rule and stay in power?
  4. The Prince
    tutorial on leadership
  5. question in The Prince
    "is it better to be feared or loved?"
  6. "is it better to be feared or loved?"
    • better to be both, but hard to achieve
    • it is better to be feared
    • fear is permanent
  7. pessimistic
    people change their minds + opinions too easily, humans are selfish + dishonest
  8. Fox
    "recognize traps" clever, cunning, smart
  9. Lion
    "to frighten wolves" strong, protect, scare
  10. a ruler should be both a...
    fox + lion
  11. Does the end justify the means?
    • if the end is desirable, all means are justified
    • a ruler may lie, cheat, or deceive to reach his goal
  12. end
    goal, result
  13. means
    way to achieve your goal
  14. how were rulers supposed to to rule in the middle ages?
    morally + with Christian ethics and values
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