Electrical System

  1. What voltage is an undervoltage condition?
    25 Volts DC or less
  2. What voltage is an overvoltage condition?
    30.2 Volts or more
  3. When generator taken offline, battery power provides 2 minutes of power for what? 
    • 1) DEU
    • 2) Both left MFDs
    • 3) Stability Augmentation Data Sensor (SADS)
    • 4) VCR/Camera electronics unit (CEU)
  4. A single fully charged battery should supply the 28VDC Essential Services Bus for approximately how long?

    Both batteries?
    Single: 12 minutes

    Both: 27 minutes
  5. When do the inverters drop offline / come online?
    Drop off line when input power drops below 16 +/- 1 V.

    Automatically come on line when input power is 18 +/- 1 V.
  6. When does the GENERATOR warning illuminate?
    When an undervoltage (25VDC or less) condition is sensed
  7. When does the AC INV caution illuminate?
    When one or both inverters fail
  8. When do you have an undervoltage sensing unit failure?
    When the voltmeter reads less than 25V with no GENERATOR warning
  9. What does the voltage regulator do?
    Controls voltage output to 28.2 - 29.2 volts
  10. Four components that make up control and protection of the electrical system
    • 1) Voltage Regulator
    • 2) Overvoltage sensing unit
    • 3) Undervoltage sensing unit
    • 4) 300 Amp fuse
  11. Single inverter failure
    Lost RAD ALT, DEU, VOR/ILS, yaw dampening

    Limited to TACAN or Radar approaches
  12. Dual inverter failure
    Lose all AC essential services (TACAN, GINA)

    Limited to Radar approaches

    NOTE: standby ADI does not depend on AC inverters
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Electrical System
Electrical System