PreCalc 3

  1. What is does the quotient log rule imply?
    If you are taking the log of a fraction,  then you can solve it by subtracting the log of the numerator and the log of the denominator.  That meansImage Upload 1 would be log 3x - log 4x
  2. What does the product rule imply?
    If you take the log a product, you can replace the equation with  log of each factor.  That means

    Image Upload 2 would be  Image Upload 3
  3. What is the log of a power rule?
    That means if you are taking a log of a power, you can bring it down as a multipler of the log.

    • For example
    • Image Upload 4
  4. What is the product rule?
    Log A + Log B = Log AB
  5. What is another way to rewrite Image Upload 5
    Image Upload 6
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