Fuel System

  1. Amount of Usuable Fuel (gallons)
    427 gallons
  2. Where can the two boost pumps be found?
    The negative g compartment
  3. When does the F PRES caution illuminate?
    1) Insufficient px differential across either boost pump

    2) Loss of fuel tank px
  4. When do the boost pumps automatically turn on?

    Time delay keeps the boost pumps running for how long after any loss of any of the signals?
    • 1) During GTS Operation
    • 2) When engine speed (N2) is greater than 42%, the generator is ON, and the ENGINE switches are ON

    Time Delay: 30 seconds
  5. The FF transmitter is powered by ___________ bus and measures FF prior to the ____________ pump.
    28VDC Essential Services Bus

    Low Px Fuel Pump
  6. When does the dual datum fuel relief valve open?
    1) At 9.5 psi during normal flight

    2) At 4.0 psi during refueling or when TAILHOOK is down.
  7. When does the FUEL caution illuminate?
    When usuable fuel falls below 350 pounds.

    Activation is delayed for 10 seconds to minimize nuisance flickering.
  8. When does the LP PMP caution illuminate?
    When fuel px provided by the LP pump falls below 35 psi
  9. What does the FCU do?
    The fuel control unit schedule FF according to the selected throttle position and compensates the flow for changes in altitude and airspeed. 
  10. Purpose of the shot of fuel solenoid? 
    Provides increased FF to reduce engine acceleration time and provide improved engine surge control.

    75 gallons per hour

    Open on the ground and remains open until climbing thru 9,500 +/- 300' MSL. Reopens when descending thru 7,700 +/- 500' MSL. 

    Open whenever below 7200' MSL.
  11. Manuel Fuel Control
    The system bypasses the control elements downstream of the HP pump.

    No automatic control of N1 RPM, N2 RPM, or EGT.

    All fuel metering to the engine is accomplished by direct movement of the throttle.
  12. ECA
    Engine Control Amplifier automatically prevents overspeed and overtemp conditions under normal operations

    When N1 reaches 100 RPM in correct direction of rotation, signal sent which energizes ignition system and illuminates READY advisory.

    Deenergized and READY extinguished when engine reaches 45% RPM.
  13. When does the ECA advisory illuminate?
    If a malfunction occurs to one of the electrical circuits (lane 1 or 2) in the ECA
  14. When does the ECA advisory illuminate along with the ECA caution?
    If a malfunction occurs to both electrical circuits (lanes 1 and 2) in the ECA
  15. SIFCU
    The sub idle fuel control unit meters a fuel supply to the fuel spray nozzles during the starting cycle.
  16. Total fuel capacity (gallons)
    443 gallons
  17. Capacity of wing tank (gallons)
    223 gallons
  18. Capacity of fuselage tank (gallons)
    220 gallons
  19. Amount of unusable/trapped fuel (gallons)
    11 gallons
  20. Capacity of collector tank (pounds)
    400 lbs
  21. Idle FF (gallons / hour)
    300-400 gph
  22. Max refueling rate (gallons / minute)
    180 gpm
  23. Defueling rate at 11 psi (gallons per minute)
    24 gpm
  24. Pressure of engine bleed air supplied for fuel tank pressurization
    6 psi
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