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  1. What is the relationship between Atoms & Molocules?
    Atoms bond together to form molocules
  2. What are Isotopes?
    • They are atoms that have the same atomic number but a diffrent atomic mass because the number of neutron differ.
    • -Atomic Mass - the # of P & N in the neculeus
    • -Atomic Num - the # of P in the Nucleus & E in the Atom
  3. This is an exaple of?  Image Upload 1
    Isotopes - They're all Hydrogen atoms but with diffrent Atomic Mass's (number of Neutron differs)
  4. What determines the chemical properties of the atom?
    The number of electrons in the outermost level
  5. What are the (3) basic types of Chemical Bonds?
    • Ionic
    • Covalent 
    • Hydrogen
  6. What are Molocules?
    They are atoms that have bonded together
  7. What are Ionic Bonds?
    • Thety donate or take on electrons
    • They are the most stable type of bod
    • Table salt is an example
  8. What are the (4) major classes of Organic Compounds?
    • Carbohydrats
    • Lipids
    • Protiens 
    • Nucleic Acids
  9. What are some of the funtions of a Protien?
    • Support 
    • Movemenet/ Transport 
    • Defense
  10. Explain the function of Negative feedback
    systems.MAINTAINS homeostasis by counteracting the effects of a stimulus.
  11. Explain how a Positive feedback system works
    A positive feedback system AMPLIFIES (or REINFORCES) the effects of a stimulus.
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