1. Red Cards
    are Good
  2. Black Cards
    Are Bad
  3. The Hearts
    count as love, family and friends
  4. Diamonds
    are money, wealth, means and ends
  5. Clubs
    shall mean work, calling and plans
  6. And Spades
    are trouble that plague every man
  7. An Ace
    brings beginnings
  8. And Two
    gives exchange
  9. The Three
    show things growing
  10. But Four
    does not change
  11. Five
    is the body, Its health and its stead
  12. Six
    shows the path that the Seeker shall tread
  13. Seven
    brings troubles that Fate has assigned
  14. While Eight
    shows idea and thoughts in the mind
  15. NineĀ 
    heralds changes
  16. And Ten
    is the end
  17. While Kings
    are the symbols or power and men
  18. Queens
    are the emblems of women and truth
  19. A knave
    is a message, a girl or a youth
  20. R, B, B
    A fair beginning steadily worsens and turns foul
  21. B, B, R
    A light at the end of the tunnel
  22. R, R, B
    A problem on the horizon
  23. B, R, R
    A problem will be solved, things will steadily improve
  24. R, B, R
    A small delay or problem will be overcome
  25. B, R, B
    A temporary truce or rest. Do not let down your guard; appearances can be deceiving
  26. R, R, R
    All is fair and fine
  27. B, B, B
    Beset by problems and hardship
Card Set
Using simple everyday playing cards