1st Quarter Vocab (12th grade)

  1. abolish 
    vt. to put an end to; to eliminate

    Slavery in America was officially abolished in 1863.
  2. acrimonious 
    adj. bitter, resentful

    The acrimonious controversy destroyed some friendships. 
  3. affront
    • vt. to offend
    • n. an open isult or indignity

    • The guest's jokes about the food affronted his hosts.
    • His jokes about the food were an affront to his hosts.
  4. ameliorate
    vt. to relieve, as from hardship

    Reduced taxes ameliorated economic conditions. 
  5. apocryphal
    adj. of doubtful authenticity; fake

    Biographers must distinguish true stories from apocryphal ones.
  6. arsenal
    n. collection, esp. of military arms

    The US agreed to reduce its nuclear arsenal.
  7. auspicious 
    adj. promising success

    Fine weather in the spring in auspicious for farmers. 
  8. brevity
    n. shortness, conciseness

    A poem of such brevity is a bad choice for a speech contest.
  9. burgeon
    vi. to sprout, bloom, flourish

    Wild flowers burgeoned as spring turned to summer. 
  10. catastrophic
    adj. disastrous. 

    • Allowing Hitler to gain power was a catastrophic error. 
  11. circumlocution
    n.  wordy, roundabout language

    The circumlocution in the report confused me. 
  12. cogent
    adj. convincing, logical 

    The attorney made a cogent case for her client.
  13. conspirator 
    n. one who cooperates in an unlawful purpose

    Conspirators plotted a revolution. 
  14. convoluted 
    adj. twisted or coiled

    His confusing logic is as convoluted as a pretzel. 
  15. debunk
    vt. to expose as false

    Doctors debunked the claims of the company promoting a pam diet. 
  16. denounce
    vt. to criticize publicly 

    The angry player denounced the firing of his coach. 
  17. despondency
    n. dejection, hopelessness

    Disappointment in love caused his despondency
  18. din
    n. continued noise, esp of many sounds

    Racing fans love the din of the drag strip. 
  19. distraught
    • adj. 1. deeply distressed
    • 2. insane 

    He tried to comfort the distraught widow. 
  20. drivel
    • n. nonsense
    • vi. to talk nonsense

    A book review called his poems childish drivel
  21. egregious 
    adj. conspicuously bad

    Amputating the wrong leg is an egregious error. 
  22. embezzle 
    vt. to take preperty in one's care falsely for oneself

    The treasurer embezzled company funds. 
  23. enigma 
    n. mystery; something hard to understand

    The origin of language is an enigma
  24. espouse
    • vt. to support as a cause
    • vt. to marry 

    The farmer espoused the case of conservation. 
  25. exculpate
    vt. to free from guilt

    He made excuses to exculpate himself for missing curfew. 
  26. exploit
    • n. famous or heroic deed
    • vt. 1. to use productively 
    • 2. to take unfair advantage of 

    • Hercules performed great exploits.
    • Hawaii businesses exploit our favorable location. 
    • Cheap magazines exploited the movie star's image to sell copies. 
  27. fanatical
    adj. blindly enthusiastic

    The fanatical patriots think their country can do no wrong. 
  28. flout
    vt. to treat with open disrespect 

    Unafraid of his weak parents, he flouted their rules. 
  29. germane
    adj. relevant

    The Chaplain found a Biblical verse germane to his sermon's theme. 
  30. heir
    n. one who inherits 

    The son of the CEO is the heir to his fortune. 
  31. hyperbole
    n. intentional overstatement 

    "I'm starving" is a hyperbole
  32. imperious 
    adj. commanding, arrogant

    The spoiled child was imperious toward playmates. 
  33. incarcerate
    vt. to imprison 

    Police incarcerated the suspects. 
  34. incumbent 
    • adj. lying in place, esp holding an office
    • n. one holding an office

    • The incumbent mayor was reelected. 
    • Voters reelected the incumbent
  35. infringe
    • vi. to encroach or trespass upon.
    • vt. to encroach on. 

    • Computer hackers can infringe upon your privacy. 
    • The court ruled that the company had infringed the inventor's patent. 
  36. intercede
    vi. to mediate between disagreeing parties

    Counselors do not intercede in petty quarrels. 
  37. irrational 
    adj. not governed by or according to reason

    Love makes wise people do irrational things. 
  38. laudable
    adj. deserving praise

    The Headmaster said our canned food drive was laudable
  39. malady
    n. illness

    Doctors could not diagnose the mysterious malady
  40. mentor
    • n. a wise teacher or guide
    • vt. to teach or guide

    A veteran was the beginner's mentor.
  41. navigable 
    adj. deep and wide enough for passage

    Dredging made the canal navigable
  42. opaque 
    adj. blocking light; hard to see through or understand

    My shower door is opaque
  43. pariah 
    n. an outcast

    The snobs made people without BMW's feel like pariahs
  44. peccadillo
    n. minor offense

    She notices her date's peccadilloes, like ordering his meal first. 
  45. peruse
    vt. to read or study

    He spent hours perusing books in the aisles of Borders. 
  46. poacher
    n. one who hunts or fishes illegally; respasser

    Poachers put traps in the duke's wood.
  47. premature
    adj. occuring before something is ready

    With no diagnosis, a prescription is premature
  48. prevarication 
    n. lying, falsehood

    My prevarication did not fool my parents. 
  49. prostrate
    • adj. lying flat, a in adoration or submission
    • vt. to put (oneself) in a prostrate position. 

    The prostrate captives begged for mercy. 
  50. raucous
    adj. harshly loud and disorderly 

    Hearing raucous shouts, the police raided the party. 
  51. recollect
    vt. to remember 

    I cannot recollect what I ate for dinner on Tuesday. 
  52. relegate
    vt. to banish or assign to an inferior position

    The coach relegated a starter to the second string. 
  53. repast
    n. meal 

    • After a repast to restore their energy, they continues their journey. 
  54. rhetoric 
    • n. 1. the art of speaking or writing persuasively 
    • 2. impressive but insincere language 

    • Voice, style and tone are concepts in rhetoric
    • The political speech was nothing but rhetoric
  55. salubrious
    adj. promoting health 

    Daily swimming is a salubrious habit. 
  56. serrated
    adj. notched or toothed like a saw

    A serrated knife is good for cutting bread. 
  57. soporific 
    • adj. 1. causing sleep
    • 2. relating to sleep
    • n. a soporific agent

    Gentle songs have a soporific effect on babies
  58. sterile
    • adj. 1. unable to produce life
    • 2. not stimulating
    • 3. free from microorganisms 

    • Radiation made the lab rats sterile
    • Blank walls make a room seem sterile.
    • Nurses use sterile needles. 
  59. superficiality 
    n. shallowness; concern with surfaces

    Having only skimmed the reading, I tried to dazzle my teacher with big words, but his questions exposed the superficiality of my understanding. 
  60. tawdry
    adj. gaudy, cheap

    The cheap hotel had tawdry furnishings. 
  61. tirade
    n. long, angry, critical speech

    • When the phone bill arrived, my dad went into a tirade
  62. trite
    adj. dull and unoriginal

    The movie was full of trite jokes that made no one laugh. 
  63. unflappable
    adj. calm, self-controlled

    With unflappable poise, he delivered a flawless speech. 
  64. vacillation
    n. wavering, hesitation

    Tired of his vacillation, she married someone else. 
  65. wrest
    vt. to pull or gain by force

    I could not wrest the Frisbee from the dog's jaws. 
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