Exam 2- notes

  1. Has Venus statue that compliments erotic scene
    Samson and Delilah
  2. Familiar enormous muscular body in Samson a Delilah
    P. Rubens is hooked by study of Michelangelo
  3. Youthful vigor, extraordinary eyes (see in her soul), Straw hat. Her younger sister becomes Ruben's wife
    Portrait of Susanna Fourment
  4. Family portrait that celebrates his marriage, garden relates to fertility
    Portrait of Rubens, his wife Helena Fourment, and their son Peter Paul
  5. P. Rubens late work, glorious tribune of his life, looks at joy of life, 2nd time married.
    The Garden of Love
  6. P. Rubens has it in his paintings. Cupid holds a yoke (symbol of marriage), venus pours water through her breasts
    Pastoral tradition (sentiments)
  7. Weren't for sale, at his best, remind you of Peter Foyle
    P. Rubens landscapes
  8. Straight forward landscape, but idealized. They are not that baroque, but then again baroque.
    P. Rubens
  9. P. Rubens reminds us of Peter Foyle because of
    his panoramic view
  10. P. Rubens is an absolute superb
  11. Between the landscape of the Dutchmen and P. Rubens, he pays little attention to
    the sky
  12. Outstanding baroque style example, not good landscape example
    The Tiger Hunt
  13. The mayor triad in The Tiger Hunt painting
    Red, yellow, and blue (intense colors)
  14. P. Rubens style is that of wat spectacle
    Italy and baroque
  15. He wanted to achieve the maximum visual input
    P. Rubens
  16. P. Rubens source of inspiration in the 18th and 19th century
    Eug─Źne Delacroix
  17. He tries to combine the best of northern Europe with the best of southern rennaissance style
    P. Rubens
  18. Most important etching produced from the Flemish school. Figures are large
    The Tiger Hunt
  19. These were the last great woodcuts or wood engravings for this time...
    Temptation of Christ (woodcut: Christopher Jegher)
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