1. How do you “automate” the deployment of updates to workstations and servers?
    use a patch management system
  2. What provides a 128-bit hash?
  3. The primary way to mitigate Trojans is ___.
    apply proper security permissions to files and folders
  4. Who is ultimately responsible for the amount of residual risk?
    senior management
  5. ___ access control grants permissions based on the user’s position in the company.
    role based
  6. Is SAFER a key-exchange protocol?
    No. In cryptography, SAFER (Secure And Fast Encryption Routine) is the name of a family of block ciphers
  7. What’s the best way to secure log files?
    copy them to a remote log server
  8. What algorithm is employed by TLS?
    Diffe-Hellman. TLS is Transport Layer Security
  9. What is the best wireless security practice?
    WPA2 with TKIP, which is temporal key integrity protocol
  10. The process of least privilege protects ___.
  11. Only the ___ authentication method protects from “replay” attacks.
  12. What type of thing won’t help to reduce a “single point of failure”?
    mandatory vacations
  13. A (an) ___ algorithm is fast and hard to break if a large key size is used.
  14. What should a technician do if he finds illegal content on an incident response?
    follow incidence response procedures
  15. Two things to ensure that appropriate employees have access are ___.
    periodic employment verifications, and user/groups rights reviews
  16. Port scanners can’t reveal ___.
  17. Why do security researchers use virtual machines?
    to test malware with minimal risk to equipment and software
  18. ___ is associated with DLL injection.
    penetration testing
  19. What do you get from proper “logging procedures”?
    you know which files have been accessed, and you know who’s logging-on to the system
  20. A biometric authentication system does not need a ___.
    hardware token
  21. The oldest asymmetric algorithm is ___.
  22. Can stegenography be used to watermark graphics for copyright?
  23. Is running weekly spyware applications considered a “hardening” technique?
  24. What allows directory permissions to filter-down through the subdirectory hierarchy?
  25. When implementing logging-controls on multiple systems, you should consider what?
    systems clocks synchronization and systems capacity & performance
  26. What can prevent malware from being introduced while browsing the internet?
    pop up blockers
  27. What is likely to crash a workstation?
    penetration testing
  28. What is SPIM?
    spam targeted at instant messaging or cell phones
  29. Which is better to use, to detect a DoS attack: performance monitor or a protocol analyzer?
    performance monitor
  30. What NAC scanning type is the least intrusive to test the client?
    “agentless”. NAC is network access control
  31. What protects the ‘home user’ from the internet?
    personal firewall
  32. How would you logically separate a network through a switch?
  33. If you intercept ___, you can access a user’s email information.
    browser cookies
  34. The best way for an administrator to quickly find a PC with a blank administrator password, is to use a ___.
    vulnerability scanner
  35. Being able to access your email and secure applications from any workstation on the network, is an example of ___.
  36. The best form of high-level encryption is ___.
    AES with ECC
  37. The best access-control model for the concept of “separation of duties” is ___.
    role based access control
  38. Administrators having both a regular user account and a privileged user account, is an example of what security principle?
    least privilege
  39. The primary function of risk management is to reduce a risk to a level ___.
    the organization will accept
  40. ___ will prevent a person from booting into removable storage media, if the correct boot sequence is already set?
    BIOS password settings
  41. How can you detect a botnet zombie using HTTP traffic to encapsulate IRC traffic?
    use an anomaly-based IDS
  42. A back door is ___ for ease of administration.
    programmed into an application
  43. Before given access to a network, the user must complete ___ and ___.
    identification and authentication
  44. What generates as much network traffic as port scanning?
    vulnerability scanner
  45. What should be set as the “default action” in the design of a firewall policy?
    implicit deny
  46. What type of algorithm is often used in portable devices?
  47. Does a hash-function always have a fixed-length output?
  48. Where should you place the “email proxy” and the “email server” to secure your email infrastructure?
    email proxy in the DMZ; email server in the internal network
  49. What is the primary security risk associated with removable storage?
  50. What type of mapping is used by a static NAT?
    one-to-one mapping
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