HIS101 4a-2

  1. Gupta Empire
    • high point of Indian’s early civilization
    • Its civilization influence on the whole
    • subcontinent(인도대륙 or 아시아 대륙)

  2. Gupta culture “golden age”
    • - Kalidasa, the “Shakespeare” of sanskrit letters
    • - Sarnath sculpture
    • - Ajantacave-shrine 
  3. Chandragupta
    • The first Gupta king
    • Ruled first in Magadha and become prominent in
    • the whole Ganges basin(갠지스강 대지 유역).
  4. Chandragupta II
    • turned kingdom into  Empire
    • Gupta empire 의 “golden age”를 이룬 사람
  5. Kalidasa
    Classical and greatest Sanskrit writer (작가)

    Write the “Shakespeare” of Sanskrit letters.
  6. Darma (달마= 규율)– from Hinduism
    Moral law or duty.
  7. Varnas= classes
    The four main classes that form the basis for the Hindu caste system.
  8. Jatis
    The many subgroups that makes up Hindu caste system.
  9. Caste System
    • Brahman(priest)
    • Kshatriyas (noble/warriors or kings)
    • Vaishya(traders)
    • Shudra (servant)
  10. Mahayana (대승불교)
    • - The “Great Vehicle” for salvation in Buddhism. It
    • emphasized the Buddha’s infinite compassion for all beings-Goal
    • -  Central Asia and China에 퍼짐.
  11. Theravada (소승불교)
    • The “Way of the Elders.”- A school of Buddhism that emphasized the monastic ideal.
    • Monastic Ideal 강조= 개인의 해탈이 목적!!
    • Burma and South Asia (Thailand등등) 에 퍼짐!! 
  12. Bodhisattva (보살)
    A “Buddha to be” who postpones his own nirvana (해탈) until he has helped all other beings become enlightened. 모두가 계몽 해탈할 때까지 기다리는 것. 
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HIS101 4a-2
HIS101 4a-2