Med Terms W6

  1. Afferent Nerves
    Carry messages toward the Brain from the Sensory Organs
  2. Blood Brain Barrier
    Blood vessels that selectively let certain substances enter the brain tissue and keep other substances out.
  3. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
    Fluids that circulates throughout brain and spinal cord
  4. Meninges
    Three protective membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord
  5. Nerve
    Microscopic cordlike collection of fibers that carry electrical impulses
  6. Neurotransmitter
    Chemical messengers, released at the end of nerve cells (Axil).  Stoimulates or inhibits anotehr cell, which can be a nerve cell, muscle cell or gland cell.  EX: Acetylcholine, noreprine, dopamine, serotonin, gaba, glutamate
  7. Peripheral Nervous System
    Nerves outside the brain and spinal cord: (Cranial spinal and Autonomic)
  8. Sciatic Nerve and Sciatica
    Nerves existing from the base of the spina down through the lower leg and foot
  9. Synpase
    Space through which a nerveous impulse is ransmited fro mone neuron to another or from a neuron to another cell, such as sucle or gland cell
  10. Artery
    Carries oxygenated blood to body cells
  11. Capillary
    single cell vessels that link arteries and veins, where gas exchange takes place
  12. Embolus
    Foreign objects, gas, tissues, tumor or thrombus that circulates in blood stream
  13. Thrombosis
    blood clot attached to wall of vein or artery
  14. Pleura
    double folded membrane that surrounds the lungs
  15. Epistaxis
  16. Atelectasis
    incomplete expansion of alveoli
  17. Paroxysmal
    suddenlyl occurring
  18. Coagulation
    blood clotting
  19. Edema
    excess fluid from blood leaks ou into tissues causing local swelling
  20. Autonomic Nervous System
    Nerves that control involuntary body functions of muscles, glands and internal organs
  21. Efferent nerves
    carry messages away from the brain and spinal cord toward the motor nervse
  22. Myelin sheeth
    Nerve cell that carries impulses throughout the body
  23. Parasympathetic nervous system
    involuntary, autonomic nerves that regulate normal body functions such as Heart Rate, breathing, muscle of GI tract
  24. receptor
    recieves a nervous stimulation fand passes it on the nerves within the body.  Skin, Earts, Eyes and Tasted buds are receptors
  25. Sympathetic Nerves
    Autonomic nerves that influence bodily functions involuntarily in times of stress
  26. Aneurysm
    local widening of vessel
  27. Auscultation
    listening for sound i nbody, usually  thru a stethoscope
  28. Diastole
    Relaxation phase of heart beat "dub"
  29. Systole
    Contraction phase of heart Beat "lub"
  30. Vein
    Carries deoxygnated blood to lungs
  31. Percussion
    tapping on surface to determine the difference in density of underlying structure
  32. Effusion
    escape of fluid from blood vessels or lymphatics into cavity or into tissue spaces
  33. Palliative
    relieving symptoms but not curative
  34. Ecchymosis
    Escape of blood from vessel into tissue (Brusing)
  35. Hemoblobin
    blood protein containing iron, carries Oxygen.  The substance in Red Blood Cells responsible for carrying Oxygen.
  36. Immun/o
  37. lymphaden/o
    lymph node
  38. thym/o
    thymus glands
  39. tox/o
  40. arthr/o and articul/o
  41. chondr/o
  42. fasci/o
  43. ili/o
  44. lumb/o
    loins or lower back
  45. my/o
  46. oste/o
  47. pod/o
  48. scoli/o
    crooked or bent
  49. synov/o
    synovial membrane
  50. lymph/o
  51. spleen/o
  52. acetabul/o
    acetabulum or hip
  53. burs/o
  54. crani/p
    cranium or skull
  55. fibr/o
    fibrous connective tissue
  56. ligament/o
  57. myel/o
    bone marrow or spinal cord
  58. orth/o
  59. perone/o
  60. rheumat/o
    water flow
  61. spondyl/o and vertebr/o
  62. ten/o and tendin/o
  63. ana-
    again or anew
  64. ab-
    away from
  65. dorsi-
  66. inter-
  67. ad
  68. poly
  69. -asthenia
    lack of strength
  70. -clast
    to break
  71. -porosis
    pore or passage
  72. -trophy
    development or nourishment
  73. -blast
    embryonic or immature cell
  74. -malacia
  75. -stenosis
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