Literature Vocab 7

  1. ExtenuatingExtenuating
    Lessenig a fault by serving as a partial excuse 
  2. Deplore
    To feel strog disapproval of or deeply regret
  3. Specter
    A ghostly vision; phantom 
  4. Rend
    To tear or split apart violently 
  5. Veneer
    A thin surface layer that conceals what is below 
  6. Acquiescing
    Consenting passively or without protest
  7. Countenance
    To give or express approval; support
  8. Dispensation
    Distribution; giving out
  9. Emancipate 
    To free; liberate 
  10. Lethargy
    A state ofsluggishness and inactivity 
  11. Precept
    A rule or principle prescribing a particular course of action
  12. Probity
    Honesty; integrity 
  13. Ruminating
    Turning a matter over and over in the mind
  14. Solicitous
    Full of desire; eager
  15. VindicationVindication
    The defense or justification of something, such as one's rights
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Literature Vocab 7
Literature Vocab 7