NUTR 775 vocab 10.15

  1. Allopurinol
    reduceuric acid production in the body
  2. Aminaid
    enteral nutrition formula
  3. Anuric
    upto 14 days, decreased urine output of of <100 ml/day, must be dialyzed
  4. Azotemia
    medical condition characterized by abnormally high levels of nitrogen containing compounds such as urea, creatine, various body waste compounds, and other nitrogen rich compounds in the blood
  5. CAPD
    peritoneal dialysis used almost entirely in children (dialysate is left in an removed manually)
  6. CCPD
    peritoneal dialysis done at night then again in the day
  7. Dialysate
    Solution used in dialysis to draws the wastes and fluids from the blood
  8. Dry weight
    an estimate of the body weight without any excess fluid in the lungs or in the tissues.
  9. Dyspnea
    shortness of breath
  10. Erythropoietin
    a hormone that stimulates the bone marrow to produce red blood cells.  It is produced by healthy kidneys, but can be administered as an injection when kidneys fail
  11. ESRD(end stage renal disease)
  12. Fistula
    a surgically enlarged vein (usually located in the wrist or elbow) that provides access to the bloodstream for haemodialysis
  13. Glomerulonephritis
    a painless inflammation of the filtering part of the kidneys (the glomerulus) - this leads to high blood pressure and progressive loss of kidney function in some cases. There are many different types and they are diagnosed after a kidney biopsy - treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs such as steroids may be used to reduce the kidney damage.
  14. Graft
    loop  connecting vein and artery for hemodialysis
  15. HBV Proteins
     High biological value.  Contain all essential aa’s usually from animal sources
  16. Hematuria
    presenceof RBC in urine
  17. Hyperkalemia
    highlevels of potassium in blood
  18. Hyperphosphatemia
    an electrolyte disturbance in which there is an abnormally elevated level of phosphate in the blood
  19. IPD
    peritonealdialysis ~2 times a day
  20. Nephron
    the filtering unit of the kidney which performs the job of filtering and fluid balance jobs - each kidney is made up of many nephrons.
  21. Nephrolithiasis
    kidney stones
  22. Oliguria
    producing <500 ml urine/ day
  23. Proteinuria
    urinary protein losses
  24. Pruritus
    Itching associated with chronic renal failure
  25. Renal osteodysophy
    bone pathology characterized by bone mineralization deficiency result of electrolyte and endocrine problems related to chronic renal disease
  26. Uremia
    abnormalaccumulation of nitrogen containing substances in the blood
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