Muscles of truck and Abdominals

  1. This mucles means straigt, belly and is known as the 6 pask muscles

    • A) Rectus Abdominis
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  2. Tendinous bands run perpendicular to musscle fibers to add strength since it has no skeletal attachment for a good portion of it distance.

    D) Rectus Abdominis
  3. This is a broad flat muscles that lies lateral to rectus abdominis.

    • A) External Obliques
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  4. This muscles mean outside and diagonal

    D) External Obliques
  5. Name this muscle
    O: Ribs 5-12 (anterior, lateral)
    I: Iliac crest, linea alba, abdominal fascia
    Action: Lateral flextion of the spine, flexion and rotation of the spine, compression of abdominal contents. Posterior pelvic tilt

    • A) External Obliques
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  6. This muscle means inside and diagonal. It has thin deep fibers that run perpendicular to the exteral obliques and is difficult to isolate.

    C) Internal Obliques
  7. This mucles works like a back support belt and cannot be palpated directly

    O: Ribs 7-12 (inside costal cartilage), iliac crest, thoracolumbar aponeurosis, inguinal ligament,
    I: abdominal aponeurosis, linea alba
    A: Compresses abdominal contents

    • B) Transverse Abdominis
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  8. This deep abdominal muscle is known as the "hip hiker" muscle The lateral portions are palpated via the side of torso and if a frequent cause of lower back pain.

    • B)  Quadratus Lumborum
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  9. This group of  mucles is reponsible for posture and stabilization. It means beside spine.

    C) Paraspinals
  10. All muscles in this group originates on the transverse process and inserts on spinal process . Deep of the paraspinals

    A) Transversospinalis
    B) Erector Spinae
    A) Transversospinalis
  11. This muscle means many ans to split

    B) Multifidus
  12. This muscle is the deepest in the transversospinalis group and can not be palpated. Can feel the "bulk" along the lamina groove

    B) Rotators
  13. This is the most Superficial transversospinalis ans runs in cervical and thoracic regions only.

    B) Semispinalis

    Contains subgroup of capitus, cervicis, and thoracis
  14. The Erector Spinae is a group os 3 muscles. Which muscle is closest to the spine? 

    D) Spinalis
  15. The Erector Spinae is a group os 3 muscles. Which muscle is intermediate to the spine? 

    C) Longissimus

    covers a long territory stretching from scarum to skull
  16. The Erector Spinae is a group os 3 muscles. Which muscle is most lateral to the spine? 

    A) Spinalis
    B) Longissimus
    C) Iliocostalis
    D) Semispinalis
  17. This is the primary muscle of respiration and the only muscle that inserts on itself.

    D) Diaphragm
  18. Dome or umbrella shaped muscle. Seperates thoracic and abdominal cavites.

    B) Diaphragm
  19. This muscle elevates the ribcage during inhalation and maintains the intercostal spaces.

    O: Inferior border of rib (above)
    I: Superior border of rib (below)

    A) External Intercostals
  20. This muscle depresses the ribcage during exhalation and maintains the intercostal spaces

    A) Internal Intercostals
  21. This muscle means jaggad, as a saw

    O: Lower nuchal ligament, Spinous process of C7-T3
    I: Ribs 2-5 (posterior surface)
    A: Elevates the ribs during inhalation

    A) Serratus Posterior Superior
  22. This muscle means jaggad, as a saw

    O: Spinous process of T11-L2
    I: Ribs 9-12 (posterior surface)
    A: Depresses the ribs during exhalation

    A) Serratus Posterior Inferior
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