final 150

  1. what are the parts of a letter
    • . heading
    • . opening
    • . body
    • . closing
  2. what is a tickler file
    a file used as a reminder that something need to be dealt with
  3. what is a progress note
    notes used in the medical record to track the patients progress and condition
  4. what is annotation
    to make note of or to underline any questions and verify the information
  5. what are the different sizes of envelopes
    No. 10 general business size

    No. 6¾ used for statement
  6. what is appointment book matrixing
    blocking out times slots the physician is not available to see patients
  7. what are the basic features of an appointment book
    appointment books should open flat for easy writing and reference

    allow space for writing

    size should conform to the desk space availible

    should be large enough to accommodate the pratice
  8. different types of callers and how you would handle the caller
    . established patients calling for appointments or to ask questions

    . new patients

    . patients and medical workers reporting treatment

    . other physicians

    . laboratories
  9. professional jargon used in telephone terminology
    • . talk naturally and avoid repetition
    • . DO NOT use professional jargon
    • . use correct grammer
  10. time zones
    • . pacific
    • . mountain
    • . central
    • . eastern
  11. proper telephone etiquette
    • . answer phone by thrid ring
    • . use inflections
    • . enunciate clearly
    • . customer should hear a smile
  12. express mail
    • available 7 days a week 365 days a years
    • fastes mail service
    • automatically insured up to $100 free of charge
  13. COD
    collect on delivery
  14. first class mail
    • letters
    • postal cards
    • business reply mail
    • 13oz or less
  15. priority mail
    first class weighing more than 13oz
  16. standard mail
    • advertising
    • promotional
    • directory
    • editorial
    • can not weigh over 15lb
  17. media mail
    • books
    • film
    • manuascipts
    • printed music
  18. insured mail
    • insurance for coverage against loss or damages
    • available for priortity mail first-class mail parcel post
  19. registered mail
    • additional protection
    • sender can request evidence of delivery
    • can be traced
    • accounted for by number from time of mailing to time of delivery
  20. special services
    • postal money orders
    • convenient way of mailing money
    • amount up to $700
  21. certified mail
    • contracts
    • deeds
    • mortgages
    • bank books
    • checks
    • passports
    • insurance policies
    • money orders
    • birth certificates
  22. letter styles
    • block
    • modified block or standard
    • modified block indented
    • simplified
  23. block letter style
    • all lines flush to the left margin
    • very efficient
    • less attractive
  24. modified block letter style
    • dateline
    • complimentary closing
    • typewritten signature
    • all begin at the center
    • all other lines begin flush with the left margin
  25. simplified
    • all lines are flush with the left margin
    • salutation replaced with all capital subject line
    • omit complimentary closing
    • all capital signature below
  26. spacing
    single spaced
  27. out guide
    a guide used to replace a folder temporarily removed from the filing space
  28. out folder
    a folder used to provide space for the temporary filing of materials
  29. indexing
    • unit 1 last name
    • unit 2 first name
    • unit 3 middle initial
  30. truth & lending
    • consumer credit protection act
    • required that individuals be given certain information when credit is extended
  31. statue of limitations
    18 years or 21 years
  32. daily journal
    is the chronologic record of the practice, all the information about the services rendered , charges and receipts
  33. fiscal year
    an accounting period of 12 months during which a compay determines earning and profit
  34. prescription pads
    should not be left in open areas or on top of counters  
  35. who has keys to the doctor's office
    • only a few staff members
    • the opener and closer
  36. office policy manual
    • chain of command
    • continuing education
    • vacation, sick days paid time off
    • tardy and absentee policy
  37. filing system
    • alphabetic
    • numeric
    • alphanumeric
    • subject
  38. how can the medical practice save money when mailing
    • take advantage of bulk mail
    • use correct postage
    • presort mail
    • use zip code
  39. who is the legal owner of the medical record
    the maker
  40. how many papers are in a ream
     500 sheets weighing 20lbs
  41. the technical terminology or characteristic idiom of a particular group is called
  42. two way communication
    cell phones
  43. inflection
    a change in pitch or loudness
  44. pitch
    the highness or lowness of sound
  45. what prcautions should be considered when using a speaker phone
    making sure no confidential information is said
  46. how do you handle the angry caller
    keep a low tone
  47. what is the purpose of an informed consent
    to authorize the release of medical records
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