Vocab #8

  1. Acrimonios
    Bitter in temper or tone
  2. Bovine
    Resembling a cow or ox; unresponsive
  3. Consternation
    Dismay, confusion
  4. Corpulent
    Fat; having a large, bulky body
  5. Disavow
    To deny resbonsibility for or connection with
  6. Dispassionate
    Calm, free from emotion
  7. Dissension
    Disagreement, sharp difference or opinion
  8. Dissipate
    To cause to disappear, to scatter
  9. Expurgate
    To remove objectionable passages or words from a written text; to clense, purify
  10. Gauntlet
    Armored or protective gloves
  11. Hypothetical
    Based on an assumption or guess
  12. Ignoble
    Mean, low
  13. Impugn
    To call into question

    Challenge, deny, question
  14. Intemperate
    Lacking in self-control

    Excessive, extreme
  15. Odium
  16. Perfidy
    Faithlessness, betrayal, disloyalty
  17. Squeamish
    Inclined to nausea
  18. Relegate
    To place in a lower position
  19. Subservient
    Submissively obedient
  20. Susceptible
    Open to, easily influenced
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