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  1. (Essay 5) Japanese Management Style 

    Lifetime jobs-
    • 25% of Japanese men are promied lifetime employment. 
    • Must retire at age 55 or 60 (keiretsu).  
    • Encourage employees to quit 
  2. (Essay 5) Japanese Management Style 

    The firm is seen as a family-
    • People hired based on education and skill
    • Hire males over females
    • Hire few married women
    • Hire few overweight people
    • Manager is seen as father figure
    • Managers ask about personal life
    • After hours drinking to bond
  3. (Essay 5) Japanese Management Style 

    Training Practices-
    • On the job training and rotation
    • Job challenges (no clear instructions)
    • More criticism than praise
  4. (Essay 5) Japanese Management Style

    Status Issues-
    • Wages and promotions- everyone on management track till age 30 
    • Equality/inquality- everyone on same level
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