1100 Words

  1. Voracious
    • 1.eating or wanting large amounts of food
    • SYNONYM: greedya voracious 
    • 2.wanting a lot of new information and knowledge
  2. Indiscriminate
    • 1.an indiscriminate action is done without thought about what the result may be, especially when it causes people to be harmed
    • ex:
    • 1.indiscriminate attacks on motorists by youths throwing stones.
    • 2.acting without careful judgement

  3. eminent
    • 1 (of people)famous and respected, especially in a particular profession
    • ex:an eminent architect
  4. steep
    • 1 (of a slope, hill, etc.) rising or falling quickly, not gradually
    • ex:
    • a steep hill/slope/bank
  5. replete
    • 1 [not before noun] replete (with something) (formal)filled with something; with a full supply of something
    • ex:
    • literature replete with drama and excitement
  6. abound
    • to exist in great numbers or quantities
    • ex:
    • Stories about his travels abound.
  7. prognostication
    • a thing that somebody says will happen in the future
    • ex:
    • gloomy prognostications
  8. Automaton
    • 1a person who behaves like a machine, without thinking or feeling anything
    • SYNONYM robot
  9. realm
    • an area of activity, interest, or knowledge
    • in the realm of literature
    • 2 (formal)a country ruled by a king or queen
    • SYNONYM kingdomthe
    • defence of the realm
  10. Annals
    • 1an official record of events or activities year by year; historical records
    • His deeds went down in the annals of British history.
    • .2 used in the title of academic journals
    • Annals of Science, vol. viii
  11. compound
    • 1 a thing consisting of two or more separate things combined together
    • 2 (chemistry) a substance formed by a chemical reaction of two or more elements in fixed amounts relative to each other
    • Common salt is a compound of sodium and chlorine.
    • 3 (grammar) a noun, an adjective or a verb made of two or more words or parts of words, written as one or more words, or joined by a hyphen. 
    • Travel agent, dark-haired and bathroom are all compounds.
    • 4 an area surrounded by a fence or wall in which a factory or other group of buildings stands
    • a prison compound
  12. Tinge
    • 1 tinge something (with something) to add a small amount of colour to something
    • ex:
    • white petals tinged with blue
    • Pink tinged her pale cheeks.
    • 2 tinge something (with something) to add a small amount of a particular emotion or quality to something
    • ex:
    • a look of surprise tinged with disapproval
    • Sadness tinged his voice.
  13. Badger
    an animal with grey fur and wide black and white lines on its head. Badgers are nocturnal (= active mostly at night) and live in holes in the ground.
  14. Implore
    /ɪmˈplɔː(r) /
    • to ask somebody to do something in an anxious way because you want or need it very much
    • ex:
    • implore somebody to do something: She implored him to stay.
    • implore (somebody) + speech ‘Help me,’ he implored.
    • implore somebody Tell me it's true. I implore you.
  15. Drudgery
    /ˈdrʌdʒəri /
    • hard boring work
    • ex:domestic drudgery
  16. Interminable
    • lasting a very long time and therefore boring or annoying
    • SYNONYM :endless
    • ex:an interminable speech/wait/discussion
    • The drive seemed interminable.

  17. Preceive

    1.to notice or become aware of something

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