SUR 102 unit 4

  1. 5 categories of surgical procedures
    • diagnosis
    • reconstruction
    • repair
    • removal
    • replacement or implantation
  2. what do the results of a diagnostic procedure provide?
    information about the nature of a medical problem and the options available for treatment
  3. what is being done in surgical reconstruction?
    tissue is remodeled or replaced for functional or aesthetic reasons
  4. preoperative sequence of a surgical procedure
    • scrub and circulator open the case
    • patient arrives from holding area and is transferred to OR bed
    • ACP and circulating nurse prepare patient for anesthesia
    • patient positioned
    • scrub performs hand antisepsis or scrub
  5. intraoperative sequence of a surgical procedure
    • scrub gowns and gloves and sets up sterile supplies
    • first count performed
    • anesthesia initiated
    • patient draped
    • supplies secured to operative field
    • timeout performed
    • surgery is begun
    • scrub provides supplies
    • counts performed per protocol and specimens obtained
    • wound closed
    • anesthesia withdrawn
    • dressings applied
    • drapes removed and dressings secured
  6. postoperative sequence of surgical procedure
    • patient transferred to PACU
    • supplies sorted and prepared for decontamination
    • disposable items are disposed of
    • documentation completed
    • reusable supplies transported
    • specimens transported
    • surgical suite cleaned and decontaminated
    • equipment/furniture returned to normal locations
  7. what is the goal of repair?
    to restore function to a structure, organ, or system
  8. what does tissue replacement involve?
    implantation of organ or other anatomical structure that has lost function through disease or trauma
  9. implant derived from the patient or from another person or animal, or biosynthetic material
  10. what lists cases and assigned personnel?
    assignment board
  11. who prepares wrapped sterile supplies?
    central supply
  12. what is listed on the surgeon's preference card
    • instrument sets and special instruments
    • special equipment
    • suture preferences
    • glove and gown size
    • skin prep and draping routine
    • intraoperative drugs, including dose and strength
    • surgeon's individual techniques
    • dressings
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