protozoan pathogens

  1. What cell is unicellular?
  2. organisms that use organic molecules as a source of carbon and energy is?
  3. are protozoa motile?
  4. what kingdom do protozoa belong in?
  5. what is it called when a protozoa is in a vegatative state when they are active, feeding state called?
  6. When a protozoa is inactive and forms a capsule around it what is it called?
  7. When a protozoa reproduction is by fission,budding, splits in half or uses schizgony what kkind of reproduction is this?
  8. what is schizogony?
    where a cell divides and divides from the nucleoid within a cell until it breaks up to mult organisms
  9. what kind of reproduction is by conjunction?
    sexual reproduction
  10. what type of protozoa have no mitichondria and multiple flagella?
  11. name 2 exapmples of Archaezoas?
    Giardia lamblia and trichomonas vaginalis
  12. Does trichomonas vaganalis have a cyst stage?
  13. what two stages does giardia lamblia have?
    both trophozoite and cyst stage
  14. If you were to collect samples of Giadia Lamblia, where would you get them?
    fecal, but most will bee in cyst forms as it is in motile form higher up in the interstinal tracat
  15. What is Giardiasis? what do regular people know it as?
    Beaver Feaver
  16. What Archaezoa adheres to the intestinal wall and causes diarrhea and adominal cramping. You get it from contaminated water from fecal that contains cyst that are not killed by chlorine
  17. What Archaezoa has a  ventral suction on it to stick to the intestinal wall?
    Giardia Lamblia
  18. This Archaezoa is found in semen or males being the carrier, and causes a vaginal infection via std that causes a foul smell and green discharge and changes the vaginal ph 5-8.
  19. What Archaezoa has a axostyle for attatchment and has a undulating membrane going around them waving at you
    trichomonas vaginalis
  20. What is the type of protozoa that is complex of special organelles at the apex of the cell that contain enzymes that penetrate the hosts tissue, are unicellular parasites and have complex life cycles?
  21. Plasmodium, toxoplasma gondii and crytospordium are under what phylum?
  22. Plasmodium has 4 forms and is knkown as?
  23. MAlaria is contracted by a vector known as the
    anopheles mosquito
  24. What kind of host is where the sexual cycle is completed?
    definitive host(anopheles mosquitos)
  25. Where the aasexual part of the life cycle completes is known as this kind of host?
    Intermediate host (humans)
  26. The infection stage of Malaria is called? It is injected into your bloodstream when a moquito bites you.
  27. Where is the target area for these sporozoites travel to?
    to your liver.
  28. what kind of cell division do the sporozoites undergo. How do they multiply?
    By schizogomy
  29. where are merozoites produced
    the liver
  30. merozoites are released into the bloodstream and infect what kind of cells?
    red blood cells
  31. this developes into a ring stage in the red blood cell when a person has malaria
  32. When RBC burst in Malaria what exits them to infect new RBCs and others turn into male and female gametocysts
  33. How does sexual reproduction happen in mosquitos?
    The male or female mosquito will bite its host and ingest the gametocytes of the opposite sex where they will combine into a zygote
  34. After the misquitoe has sexually reproduced a zygote what happens?
    It results in sporozoites that migrate to the salivary glands of the misquito.
  35. Where do you get toxisplasmoisis from? Who
    definitive source is the cat, intermediate host are mouse, human and live stock
  36. How does toxiplamsma gondii enter your body?
    From eating undercoooked food that containing tissue cyst, or from idestion of oocytes from changing the cat litter box
  37. what kind of life cycle does toxiplamsma have?
    A complex one
  38. Toxisplasmosis is from a cat who craps immature oocytes which then mature and divide into 4 ?
  39. If toxiplasmosis gondii cannot complete its cycle inhumans or the intermediate host where does it get completed?
    The cat who is infected has to eat example a mourse that is infected to complete the sexual cycle
  40. What does crytosporodiosis cause?
  41. How do you contract crytosporosis?
    From recreational water by ingesting oocyttes that contain sporozoites from contaminated water or fecal-oral from day care
  42. Can crytospordium be killed by chlorine?
  43. What is another type of protozoa that causes sleeping sickness, and changas disease and also moves by flagella and has hemoflagellates?
  44. African trypanosomiasis is known as what?
    sleeping sickness that happens in Africa
  45. trypanosoma brucei gambeinse is the agent that causes what?
    African sleeping sickness
  46. How is the african sleeping sickness spread?
    By animals to humans by tsetse fly
  47. What disease can change its surface antigen multiple time and results in a hard to treat case.
    African sleeping sickness or Trypanosomiasis
  48. American trypanosomis is also known as
    Chagas disease
  49. What is the causitive agent for chagas disease?
    trapanosoma cruzi
  50. Who is the vector for chagas disease?
    The kissing bug
  51. Who are the reservoir from changas disease?
    rodents, opposuums, armidillos
  52. Where does the kissing bug normally bite the person?
    around the mouth or face
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