Wordly Wise Lesson 6 book 7

  1. Ameliorate (v)
    • To make better, to become better; to improve
    • Ex.
    • The snowplows were meant to ameliorate the treacherous driving conditions during the snowstorm.
  2. Baleful (adj)
    • Expressing hatred or evil; harmful, ominous
    • Ex.
    • He gave me a baleful look when I accused him of lying.
  3. Berate (v)
    To criticize vigorously; to scold vehemently 
  4. Circumvent (v)
    • To avoid through craftiness
    • Ex.
    • The boy was able to circumvent the seemingly impossible obstacle course using nothing but his intelligence.
  5. Compunction (n)
    • A feeling of uneasiness of anxiety cause by guilt
    • Ex.
    • The robber had bo compunction for stealing stuff to make money.
  6. Condone (v)
    • To overlook or accept without punishment; to pardon or excuse
    • Ex.
    • The librarian would not condone keeping a book for a school year, for it made the book unavailable for other children.
  7. Diminutive (adj)
    • Very small; tiny
    • Ex.
    • A diminutive stature is not a good characteristic if you are playing football.
  8. Euphimism (n)
    • A polite term used for naming something considered offensive or unpleasant
    • Ex.
    • To "pass away" is a euphimism for "die."
  9. Expendable (adj)
    • Able to be used up and then discarded or replaced
    • Ex.
    • Pennies are expendable, for no one really cares if they lose one or not.
  10. Heresy (n)
    • The expression of shocking or unacceptable views
    • Ex.
    • In the old days, the belief that African Americans could be equal with whites was considered a heresy.
  11. Infirmity (n)
    • Physical or mental weakness or defect
    • Ex.
    • Brittle bones is an infirmity of the elderly.
  12. Profane (adj) (v)
    • (adj)
    • 1. To treat with scorn or irreverence
    • Ex.
    • Vandals profaned the memorial by throwing eggs at it.
    • (v)
    • 2. Disrespectful of sacred things
    • Ex.
    • Dancing was considered profane by the Puritans.
    • 3. Not connected with religion; wordly
    • Ex.
    • Some people prefer a profane life.
  13. Infirm (adj)
    • Weak or feeble
    • Ex.
    • After I got my leg out of its cast, I felt very infirm.
  14. Recompense (v)
    To pay or compensate
  15. Repast (n)
    Food and drink; a meal
  16. Servitude (n)
    • A lack of freedom; forceed labor
    • Ex.
    • Slavery was a form of servitude.
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