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  1. What issues may result in poor exercise adherence?
    • Poor or limited leadership
    • Inconvenient time
    • Injury
    • Boredom with exercise
    • Poor individual commitment
    • Unaware of any progress made
    • Poor family support
  2. What factors may result in good exercise adherence?
    • Effective leadership
    • Positive reinforcement
    • Part of regular routine
    • No injury
    • Enjoyment—fun—variety
    • Social support from group
    • Regular updates on progress
    • Family approval
  3. What are the 5 precautions to resistance exercise?
    • Valsalva maneuver
    • Substitution pattern
    • Overtraining and/or overworking
    • Exercise-induced muscle soreness
    • Pathological fracture
  4. What are the contraindications for resistance exercise? (3)
    • Pain *(usually 4 or 5)
    • Acute or uncontrolled inflammation
    • Severe cardiopulmonary disease
  5. What factos affect the tension generation of a muscle?
    • •Cross-section and size of muscle
    • •Fiber arrangement and fiber length
    • •Fiber-type distribution
    • •Length-tension relationship
    • •Recruitment and firing of motor units
    • •Type of muscle contraction
    • –Force output (highest to lowest) eccentric, isometric, concentric
    • •Speed of muscle contraction
    • –Concentric = increased speed, decreased tension
    • –Eccentric  =increased speed, increased tension
  6. What are s/s of fatigue?
    • Uncomfortable sensation, pain, cramping
    • “jerky” movements or inability to perform full ROM
    • Use of substitution motions
    • Decline in peak torque during isokinetic testing
  7. What are the physiological adaptations to resistance training?
    • Skeletal muscle structure–Hypertrophy, increased capillary bed density, increased mitochondrial density
    • Neural System–Increased motor unit recruitment, rate of firing, and synchronization of firing
    • Metabolic–Increased stored ATP and CP
    • Body Composition
    • Connective tissue–Increased tensile strength , increased bone density
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