BUS Law Quiz

  1. Business Ethics
    The standards that guide the behavior of individuals and groups.
  2. Basic Ethics
    • become laws and regulations
    • ethics should go beyond laws
  3. Classification of Ethical Issues
    An ethical issue is a problem, situation, or opportunity requiring an individual, group, or organization to choose among several actions that must be evaluated as right or wrong, ethical or unethical.
  4. Conflict of interest
    exists when an individual must choose whether to advance his or her own interests, those of his or her organization, or those of some other group.
  5. Factors that influence the Ethical Decsion-Making process
    • 1. Individual Factors
    • 2. Organizational Relationships
    • 3. Opportunity
    • 4. Ethical or Unethical decisions
  6. Ethical Climate
    Part of a corporate culture that relates to an organization’s expectations about appropriate conduct that focuses specifically on issues of right and wrong.
  7. Cheif Executive Officer
    Establishes the ethical tone for the entire firm.
  8. Executive Leadership
    helps determine the ethical value system of the firm.
  9. "Group-think"
    going along with group decisions even when those decisions run counter to an employee’s own values.
  10. Organizational culture
    may foster conditions that either hinder or permit misconduct.
  11. Opportunity
    is a set of conditions that limit barriers or provide rewards.
  12. Cannons of Ethics
    If you are ethical in your decion making the govt. will leave you alone.
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