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  1. what properties do ductile materials posess?
    you can change the shape of a ductile materials easily, and they still keep there strength.
  2. what properties do brittle materials posess?
    brittle materials will NOT deform plasticaly, but they will suddenly snap. they can be quite weak when they have cracks in them. they can break without the whole thing changning its shape.
  3. what properties do malleable materials posess?
    malleable materials can deformed easily, however they necasserily will not keep there strength.
  4. what properties do hard materials posess?
    • they are resistant to cutting/scratching.
    • and are extremely strong materials, therefore are used as cutting tools.
  5. what properties do stiff materials posess?
    extremely difficult to change the shape of stiff materials, they are resistant to both bending and stretching.
  6. what properties do tough materials posess?
    tough materials can absorb a lot of energy before they break.
  7. an example of a brittle material?

  8. an example of a ductile material?
    electric wires

  9. what is the equation for hookes law?
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