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  1. The properties of brittle materials?
    Will break suddenly without deforming plastically (when the force gets to a certain size). Brittle materials tend to be quite weak and have cracks in them.
  2. Example of a brittle material
    A chocolate bar is an example as you can break chunks off the bar without the whole thing changing shape.
  3. The properties of ductile materials?
    These can be drawn into wires (or other shapes) without losing their strength when they are deformed.
  4. Example of a ductile material
    Copper is ductile, and with its high conductivity this means that it's ideal for electric wires.
  5. The properties of malleable materials?
    These can change their shape but may lose their strength easily (by hammering or rolling) which is the different to ductile where they keep their strength.
  6. Example of a malleable material
    Gold is a malleable material - you can change the shape of a gold ring using just your fingers.
  7. The properties of a hard material?
    These materials are very resistant to cutting, indentation (becoming dented) and abrasion (scratching).
  8. Example of a hard material
    Cutting tools (e.g chisels) need to be harder than the stuff they're cutting - often made from hardened materials. Diamonds is about the hardest material (often used to reinforce the tips of drills).
  9. The properties of stiff materials?
    These have a high resistance to bending and stretching, so it is really difficult to change the shape. Stiffness is measured by Young Modulus.
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