Church Education: Study sheet #2

  1. Ushering should be a professional ministy.
  2. 4 Philosophies of an usher.
    • Greet People
    • Meet People
    • Seat People
    • Treat People
  3. 4 Mandatory Qualifications of an Usher.
    • Must be saved and baptized
    • Must be faithful
    • Must be a member
    • Must be loyal to the Pastor
  4. 3 Optional Qualifications of an Usher:
    • Faithful to soul winning
    • Faithful to the standards of the church
    • Faithful to tithe
  5. Head Usher should be a man that you can trust to do all the things you need him to do.
  6. Head Usher must meet all the requirements. 
  7. Head Usher must work well with all types of men.
  8. Head Usher must posses some measure of organizational skills.
  9. Head Usher toatally lock-step behind the pastor.
  10. Head usher must be first in and last to leave.
  11. Duties Head Usher: 
    • First there last to leave
    • Must be able to set up an ushers schedule
    • Follow up on scheduled ushers
    • Train ushers the pocedures according to the pastor
  12. Duties of an Usher:
    • Be dressed to usher at all times
    • Unscheduled ushers should always come prepared to fill in
    • Two ushers should be at the main doors of the church
    • Two ushers work at seating guests
    • At least two ushers should sit in the back during the service
  13. Define the time period you want the offering taken.
  14. Devolop a prcedure for passing out plates for your particular auditorium.
  15. Do not let ushers or deacons count money during church.
  16. No ushers should lay hands on anyone unless it is for their safety.
  17. The disciplne efforts of an usher should never make the situation more troublesome.
  18. When handling unruly kids send a trusted adult by them.
  19. Be firm and kind when handling Teenagers.
  20. One word describes programs __.
  21. 5 Ways a program has increase:
    • Attendance
    • Salvations and Baptisms
    • Ministy opportunities
    • Membership 
    • Excitment
  22. Two major growing seasons on a church calendar: __-__, __-__
    March-May, Second week of September-Thankgiving
  23. Choose a theme for your program.
  24. Run it through the Sunday school department.
  25. Get your leaders on board first.
  26. Enlist people to decorate for your program.
  27. Have every Sunday get involved with their class on its level.
  28. Raise the level of excitement in the church.
  29. Keep it in front of the people a month in advance.
  30. Bathe the program in prayer.
  31. At least once a year you should have a Sunday that far exceeds every other Sunday.
  32. Pray earnestly toward this day.
  33. Choose a theme name for your big day.
  34. Set an attendance goal for that day.
  35. Have a big soul winning day the day before.
  36. Create a flyer.
  37. Strongly consider preaching on that day, if you dont make sure the guest pastor knows the goal.
  38. Have good special music.
  39. You want visitors to see your church at its best.
  40. Look at all your availble space.
  41. Consider customizing your big day service to fit your workers needs.
  42. Devolop a big day promotional pakage.
  43. Praise your workers long and loud that night at church.
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