Creative T1

  1. Barriers to studying creativity?
    • Difficult to define
    • Doesn’t fall in one academic discipline
    • Subjective by nature
  2. Mystical theory?
    • Creativity is divine intervention
    • Human = empty vessel
    • Rooted in Greek tradition
    • Plato believed creativity came from Muse
  3. Pragmatic Theory
    • Practicing creativity instead of understanding it
    • Edward de Bono - Lateral Thinking
    • Alex Osborn - Brainstorming
    • Roger Von Oech - Whack Pack
  4. Psychodynamic Theory
    • Originally developed by Freud
    • Tension between conscious and unconscious realities
    • Adaptive regression -dreams, fantasies, drugs, psychoses
  5. Cognitive Tradition
    Seeks to understand the mental representations and processes underlying creative thought

    Graham Wallace described creativity through the four-stage process modelin The Art of Thought (1926)

    • Includes the Four Stage Model
  6. Four Stage Model
    • Preparation: research problem background,develop assumptions, assess
    • Incubation: detach from creative process
    • Illumination: discovery, epiphany
    • Verification: application, testing
  7. Assumptions of the 4 stage model
    • Relatively simple process
    • Discrete stages, sequential in nature
    • Recursive, one can return to an earlier stage if necessary
  8. Structure of intellect theory
    • J.P. Guilford
    • creativity as a seperate phenomenon from IQ
    • convergent thinking VS. divergent thinking
    • 150 different intellectual abilities in 3 categories: OPERATIONS, CONTENT and PRODUCT dimension
  9. Saachi and saachi
    • pregnant man advertising
    • lovemarks
    • they dont have a mission statement instead they have a purpose: inspirational dream, focus, spirit
  10. Publicis
    • media tunnel with live feed of social media
    • lead the change
    • olympic girl in room napkin commercial
  11. ogilvy and mather
    • Man in the hathway shirt
    • Reverse cancer youtube advertisement.
    • O&M- one company indivisible
    • function of advertising is to sell
    • all about consumer
    • ogilvy was 38, unemployed, dropped out of college and had multiple jobs when he decided to start company
  12. leo burnett
    • image advertiser
    • jolly green giant
  13. GSD&M
    • Austin bound agency started by graduate students
    • greed,sex,drugs and money
    • work environment is called idea city
    • had very odd core values
  14. CP and B (crispin porter and bogusky)
    • factory like enterior
    • HQ in miami
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