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  1. Why should pet dogs with B. canis get spayed?
    repro tract is the reservoir
  2. What is a fatal viral dz of newborn pups that can spread to the fetus, cause death, mummification, abortion, and still births?
    canine herpesvirus
  3. Attention to this common vaginal microflora is usually based on failure to identify any other reasons of pregnancy loss?
    mycoplasma and ureaplasma
  4. What is excessive edema and swelling of the vagina, most common seen cranial to the urethral orifice, most often associated with proestrus and estrus, and in most cases spontaneously regresses after estrus?
    vaginal hyperplasia
  5. Describe vaginal hyperplasia type II?
    tissue protrude through vulva
  6. Describe vaginal hyperplasia type III?
    less common; prolapse of entire vaginal circumference in doughnut shaped mass
  7. What causes Cystic endometrial hyperplasia/pyometra?
    repeated exposure to P4
  8. What is a disease of adult bitches that have gone through multiple episodes of diestrus &/or pregnancy?
  9. Treatment of pyometra with what increases the risk?
    estrogens or progestins
  10. What type of pyometra is often associated with severe systemic signs (depression, anorexia, GI, PUPD, significant peripheral leukocytosis)
    closed-cervix pyometra
  11. When is medical treatment of pyometra done and when is it recommended to breed again?
    only when reproduction is high priority, recommended breeding at next estrus
  12. What is lactation at end of diestrus in nonpregnant bitch, and mental changes that occur at end of luteal phase?
  13. What are treatments of pseudopregnancy if it does not resolve spontaneously?
    antiprolactin drugs (cabergoline), androgens, progestins
  14. Neoplasia of the repro tract is what percent of all canine tumors?
  15. What are examples of benign neoplasia's?
    leiomyosarcoma (most common), fibropapilloma, lipoma, histiocytoma, melanoma
  16. What is the most common malignant vaginal vulvular tumor, arises from allogenic celluar implant?
  17. The cells of TVT contain what number of chromosomes?
    59 +/- 5 chromosomes
  18. What is the most common tumor of the uterus?
  19. What is the most common sex cord/ stromal tumor?
    granulosa cell tumor (may have elevated estrogens or P4, usually concurrent with CEH
  20. How long can the first stage of parturition last?
    average 4 hours
  21. What are signs of impending parturition?
    milk production, body temp drop of 1.2 degrees C at 8-24 hours before parturition
  22. Which stage of parturition involves straining for the expulsive effort with or without the bitch moving about, and deliver of pups?
    2nd stage of parturition
  23. What is the green discharge prior to, or during passage of the pups?
    uteroverdin, the substance colored by blood products in the zonary area of the placenta
  24. What stage of parturition involves the passage of placenta, occurs with second stage except that the last FM is generally delivered shortly after the last pup?
    3rd stage of parturition
  25. What is it called when uterine contractions cease before expulsion of a puppy, can be inherited breed disposition, overstretching, inadequate stimulation, hypocalcemia, uterine torsion, or systemic disease?
    primary uterine inertia
  26. What is it called when prolonged uterine contractions cease after prolonged effort, uterine musculature may fail to respond to oxytocin admin?
    secondary uterine inertia
  27. What are maternal factors leading to dystocia?
    breed and conformation of the birth canal
  28. What drugs are involved with medical treatment for the relief of dystocia in the bitch?
    oxytocin, calcium, ergonovine, glucose
  29. What are diseases of late gestation and parturition that may threaten the pregnancy, fetuses, or life of the bitch in late gestation and parturition?
    septic metritis, pregnancy toxemia, uterine torsion, uterine rupture, inguinal hernia
  30. What can happen a week post whelping, bacteria enter uterus through open cervix and multiply in retained tissues and traumatized uterus, has putrid uterine discharge, and high rectal temp?
  31. What disease has a higher incidence in < 3 year bitches, and the fetal trophoblast cells do not degenerate?
    subinvolution of placental sites
  32. What is hypocalcemia during lactation?
  33. When are prostatic secretions released?
    at ejaculation in the first fraction and the more voluminous 3rd fraction
  34. What are the functions of prostatic fluid?
    drive the semen forward to the fornix and cervix, and lubricate
  35. Prostatic secretions are controlled by what?
    parasympathetic system (pelvic nerves)
  36. What is the hormonal control to the prostate?
    DHT which is formed by testosterone under influence of enzyme 5a-reductase
  37. What are signs of dog with prostatic enlargement?
    locomotor problems and digestive problems, ribbon shaped feces, tenesmus, hematuria, and urethral discharge
  38. What prostate marker is raised in prostatice pathological conditions cut cannot differentiate the diseases and is little used?
    canine prostatic secretory esterase
  39. What is the most commonly diagnosed prostatic disease in the older, non-castrated, dog or dogs treated with androgens?
    benign prostatic hyperplasia
  40. What is the treatment of choice for benign prostatic hyperplasia?
  41. What is the most common bacterial cause of prostatitis?
    E. coli
  42. What are the most common type of prostatic neoplasia?
    prostatic adenocarcinoma
  43. What type of estrus cycle do cats have?
    seasonally polyestrus (estrus late winter through fall) increased photoperiod
  44. What is the length of the non-pregnant estrus cycle in the cat?
    4-30 days without ovulation
  45. What is the length of proestrus in the cats, and is it normally seen?
    0-2 days, not observed normally
  46. What is the length of estrus in the cat?
    2-19 days
  47. What type of ovulators are cats, and what effect can this have on the LH peak?
    induced ovulators, LH release increases with number of matings, and may not occur with only one mating
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