Chapter 5 Test Review U.S. History

  1. Sandcreek massacre
    Colorado, November 1864; 200 Cheyenne Indians are slaughtered by U.S. troops led by Col. Chivington. The Cheyenne were led by Black Kettle. (First battle of the Indian war)
  2. The Great Plains ( And policies pertaining to them)
    Homestead Act-1862 Hatcht Act-1887 Grant act- 1862,1890
  3. Treaty of Fort Laramie
    1868 signed by part of the sioux agreeing to live on reservation lands provieded that white settlers stop using the Bozeman Trail.
  4. Battle at Wounded Knee
    December 1890 Last Battle of the Indian War. Over 700 Sioux Indians are killed by U.S. federal troops trying to break up a    "Ghoust Dance"
  5. Exodusters
    African Americans that left the South for Kansas after the civil war
  6. General values of Plains Indians in the 1800s (family, land, and resources)
    • 1. Ruled by the council
    • 2. Believed land should be shared and owned by by everyone.
  7. Homestead Act
    1862 gave away 160 acers of free land to the head of the houshold that promised to farm for 5 years.
  8. Wide-Open Western Frontier (How did it End)
    1.Barbed wire 2.Drought
  9. Bimetallism
    Basing currencey value on both gold and silver coin. Big move in election of 1896.
  10. Debts of the plains farmers (causes/effects)
    1. low grain Prices 2. High Railroad shipping rates 3. Drought of 1880s 4. Panic of 1893
  11. Populism
    Peoples party- farmers and laborers election of 1896
  12. Bozeman trial
    Trail that ran thru Sioux hunting gtounds in the little big horn mountains
  13. Soddy
    dug out prarie home; provided warmth but little protection
  14. Oliver Hudson Kelly
    1867 - Founds Patrons of Husbandry grange
  15. Assimilation
    Daws Act of 1867 attempt to "americanize" native americans; allowed white settlers to take land from Indians
  16. Vaquero
    Spanish Cowboys
  17. William Hennings Bryan
    Populist Party Candidate that received 6.5 million votes.
  18. Dawes Act
    1887 broke up reservation lands and introduced assimilation
  19. George A. Custer
    Army Col. @ battle of little big horn June 25, 1876
  20. Chisholm Trail
    ran from san antonio texas to abiline kansas
  21. Morril Act
    1862-1890 Provided free land for states to build agriculture and mechanical college
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