Wk 7 Repro-intro

  1. What are the organs of the female reporductive system
    • Vagina
    • Uterus
    • Fallopian tubes
    • Ovaries
  2. Cyclical hormonal changes prepares uterus monthly for a possible pregnancy
    • Menarche-onset of menstration
    • Menopause-Termiation of menstration
    • Invloves the hypothalmus (GnRH), the anterior pituitary gland (FSH, LH) and the ovaries (estrogen and progestrogene)
    • No Fertilization - corpus luteum ceases to secrete hormones 8-12 days after ovulation, endometrial lining sloughs
    • Occurrence of fertilization, the hormone human chronionic villi of the placenta after implanatation of fertilized ovum (Preg diagnosed by blood or urine HCG)
  3. Diagnosix Procedure - Pelvic Examination
    • Visual and manula assessment of reproductive organs
    • useful for detecting via speculum
    • 1-Unusual vaginal discharge or pelvic pain
    • 2-Masses, growths or other abnormalities
    • 3-Certain cancers in early stages
  4. What are Diagnositic Procedures
    • Pelvic Exam
    • Ultrasound
    • laparoscopy
    • coloposcopy
    • hysteroscopy
    • Mammography
    • Blood or Urine Culuters
    • DNA Testing
    • Antibody testing
  5. Pelvic Exams are used to diagnosie
    • inflammatoy diseaase
    • uterine fibroid tumors
    • Some Cancers
    • Ectopic pregnancies
    • menstraul disorders
  6. PID - Pelvic Inflamatory Disease
    Refers to infection of the reporductive orgrans that casue symptoms such as lower abdominal pain
  7. Cause of PID
    • Infectious Microorganisms
    • Inflamation of specific reproductive orgrans
  8. Incidence of PID
    • Can lead to infertility
    • Can cause etopci pregnancies
    • low yearly mortality rate
  9. Sypmtoms of PID
    • Vague and often unrecognized
    • 1-Primary PID - Lower abdominal Pain
    • 2-Secondary PID -Fever, vaginal Discharge (possible foul ordor), Pain with intercourse and or urination, Irregular menstral bleeding
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Wk 7 Repro-intro
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