BCC Session 11-12 Law & Covenant

  1. Three
    main themes of Old Testament law: 
    worship, justice, and mercy
  2. Two other words for “law”
    are torah (the Hebrew word), and “instruction” (another way to translate torah). 
  3. Know that besides the Ten Commandments there are other collections of laws in...
    Exodusthrough Deuteronomy (you do not need to know details about this).
  4. The law presents..... 
    holy space (the tabernacle) and holy time (Sabbath, feasts, Year of Jubilee). 
  5. Know how grace and law go together. 
    Law has three aspects: Justice, mercy, worship
  6. The purpose of law is...
    to help people love God and love their neighbor. 
  7. Know why the bible celebrates the law
    It embodies the goodness of God's character and his desire for us
  8. Know why the bible critizies the law
    • The law becomes a problem when it is misused as a way to impress others, or manipulate God.
    • It's wrong to see the law as a way to save oneself
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BCC Session 11-12 Law & Covenant
BCC Session 11-12 Law & Covenant