1. Tools, weapons, clothes, or articles used by people long ago
  2. The Native American tribe that built a city near the Mississippi River across form where St. Louis is now.
  3. The city this Native American tribe built across from St. Louis near the Mississippi.
  4. Permanent homes made of wood and grasses near forests that Native Americans built ine the Eastern part of the U.S.
  5. Homes the Plains Indians lived in that could be packed up and moved to follow the bison.
  6. A government set up by 5 Native American tribes where each member had a say in how the government was run.
    Iroquois League
  7. The group of men who gathered to write the U.S. constitution.
    The Founders
  8. A European explorer who wanted to find a faster route from Europe to Asia.
    Christopher Columbus
  9. The country who controlled Mexico, much of South America and most of the southwestern U.S. and Florida.
  10. The group who left England in search of religious freedom in 1620.
  11. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
    Thomas Jefferson
  12. Two men leading the expidition that made maps and recorded information found while exploring the Louisiana Territory
    Lewis and Clark
  13. He is known as the "Father of the Constitution" because he planned, wrote and fought for its approval.
    James Madison
  14. Two people who went on the Louisiana Expidetion as guides.
    Carbonneau and Sacagawea
  15. The name of the document the Founders came up with to describe our new system of government.
    The Constitution
  16. The Native American's economy (or the way a group uses or produces natural resources, goods, and services) was closely related to their...
  17. When the Europeans start to come to North America many Native Americans died, why?
    The Europeans brought over diseases which killed many Native A mericans
  18. In 1607 the English set up the firest successful colony in Virginia. What was its name.
  19. In the French and Indian War shich side did the Native Americans join to fight with?
  20. The French and Indian War cost Great Britian a lot of money. How did they try to earn the money back?
    They taxed the colonists.
  21. When Great Britian started taxing tea, how did the colonists show they disagreed with the tax?
    They snuck onto the British ships and dumped all the tea our in the Boston Tea Party
  22. What did the colonists know they would have to do once they signed and sent the Declaration of Independence?
    Be ready to fight Great Britian for their independence.
  23. What countries decided to help the colonists win their war of Independence at the last minute?
    France and Spain
  24. Why did the colonists move west of the Appalachian Mountains after the Revolutionary War?
    The settlers wanted inexpensive land and Great Britain would not let them move past the Appalachian Mountains
  25. When the settlers first moved past the Appalachian Mts. how did they intend to get the land from the Native Americans?
    By paying the Native Americans for it.
  26. Why did France offer the Louisiana Territory to Thomas Jefferson?
    They needed the money for a war they were fighting against Great Britian
  27. How much did France sell the Louisiana Territory to the U.S. for?
    $15 million
  28. What were the 3 main forms of transportation in the 1800?
    Horseback, wagon, boat
  29. A man-made waterway that connected the Hudson River to the Great Lakes
    What was the Erie Canal?
  30. On Jan. 1, 1863 Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation declared what?
    All enslaved people in the Confederacy "shall be...forever free"
  31. What group was formed to help get employers to agree to better wages and safer working conditions in the 1800's.
    Labor Unions
  32. The name for the land north of the Ohio River.
    Northwest Territory
  33. What was the name of the terrible times our country faced after the stock market crashed on Oct. 29, 1929?
    The Great Depression
  34. What was the name of Franklin Roosevelt's plan that created jobs to improve life during the Great Depression?
    The New Deal
  35. Unfair differences in the way people are treated.
    What is discrimination?
  36. The Civil Rights Movement
    The name of the movement in the U.S. that tried to end discrimination.
  37. The war fought over slavery/state's Right
    The Civil War
  38. The "Great War" fought in 1914 when European countries struggled for power.
    World War One
  39. In 1933 England, France, and the Soviet Union fought Germany, Italy and Japan - We joined in when Japan bombed us at Pearl Harbor
    World War Two
  40. A new kind of war where the U.S. and Soviet Union did not fight with guns, but with ideas, money and the strongest weapons to back them up.
    The Cold War
  41. The U.S. vowed to help countries attacked by communists so we got into this war with the North and South Koreans.
    Korean War
  42. In 1961 - 1975 we sent troops to defend this country being attacked by communists.
    Vietnam War
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