Neuro Parts and Neurotransmitters

  1. Dendrites
    Root like processes that receieve impulses and conduct them to the cell body.
  2. Process
    A structure that textends out from the cell body.
  3. Axon
    Proess that extends AWAY from the cell body and conducts impulses AWAY from the nerve cell.
  4. Terminal end fibers
    Branching fibers at the end of the axon that lead the nervous impulse from the axon to the synapse.
  5. Synapse
    Space between two neurons or between a neuron and a receptor organ.
  6. Neurotransmitters
    Chemical substances that make it possible for messages to cross from the synapse of a neuron to the target receptor.
  7. Acetylcholine
    Released at some synapses in the spinal cord and at neuromuscular junction, influences muscle action.
  8. Dopamine
    Released within the brain, involved in mood and thought disorders.
  9. Endorphins
    Naturally occuring substances that produced in the brain to help relieve pain.
  10. Norepinephrine
    Released at synaptic nerve endings, responds to hypotension and physical stress.
  11. Serotonin
    Released at the brain, has roles in sleep, hunger, and pleasure recognition.
  12. Glial Cells
    Provide support and protection for neurons.
  13. Functions of Glial Cells
    • (1) surround neurons and hold them in place (2) supply nutrients and oxygen to neurons (3) to insulate one neuron from another
    • (4) to destroy and remove dead neurons.
  14. Myelin Sheath
    • Protective covering made up of glial cells, forms the white matter of the brain, and covers some parts of the spinal cord and axon of
    • most peripheral nerves.
  15. White matter
    Portion of the nerve fibers that are myelinated ( having myeline sheath)
  16. Gray Matter
    Portion of the nerve fibers that are unmeylinated (lacking myeline sheath)
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