English Vocab (Group 1&4)

  1. Alleviate
    To lessen. To relieve an undesirable condition.
  2. Animosity
    Extreme dislike that is active and outspoken. Hatred.
  3. Commendable
    Worthy of praise. Admirable.
  4. Conductive
    Helpful in bringing something about.
  5. Corroborate
    To make more certain. To prove true, especially by providing further evidence.
  6. Destitute
    Extremely poor. Without the basic needs of life.
  7. Eradicate
    To destroy. To wipe out. To get rid of completely.
  8. Erratic
    Changable. Not steady. Doing strange. Unexpected things.
  9. Irksome
    Tiresome. Tedious.
  10. Sedative
    A drug which quiets the nerves or relieves pain.
  11. Appease
    To calm someone. Usually by giving in. To satisfy or ameliorate
  12. Consolidate
    To unite. To combine. To bring together.
  13. Credulous
    Ready to believe without sufficient evidence. Easily convinced. Believable.
  14. Demagogue
    A leader who stirs up people by appealing to their emotions rather than reason.
  15. Differentiate
    To see or point out a specific difference.
  16. Flippant
    Speaking or behaving in a "smarty" or disrespectful way. Impertinent. Being sarcastic.
  17. Foible
    A weakness or peculiarity in a person's character.
  18. Hilarious
    Happy or jolly in a noisy way. Very funny.
  19. Mailinger
    To pretend to be ill in order to avoid duties. To move slowly to avoid work.
  20. Maudlin
    Foolishly sentimental. Overly emotional.
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