1. painful to the touch; tender.

    She's got a sore leg
  2. a meal made of fried foods (fried egg, mushrooms, bacon etc.)
    a fry-up (n, informal)
  3. you're very annoying [idiom]
    you're a pain in the neck
  4. I don't have any money. [idiom]
    I'm so broke/I'm flat broke.
  5. You should try to spend less.
    You need to tighten your belt.
  6. He's got a lot of money. [idiom]
    He's flush (with cash).
  7. to spent a lot of money on sth
    to splash out on sth

    We really splashed out on our new car.
  8. to be very expensive [idiom]
    to cost (somebody) an arm and a leg  (informal)

    These opera tickets cost us an arm and a leg!
  9. not expensive (adj.)
    dirt cheap
  10. very cheaply
    for a song

    I got this new top for a song.
  11. a situation in which you are charged much more for something than you think you should have to pay
    a daylight robbery

    The cost of renting a car at that place is daylight robbery.
  12. There is a condition (usually something difficult or unpleasant).
    There's a catch.
  13. to mix the dough
    to knead
  14. to read using your voice
    to read aloud
  15. to study, especially with concentrated effort [idiom]
    yo hit the books (informal)
  16. someone with a very detailed knowledge of films
    a film buff
  17. hidden but ready to be used [idiom]
     I still have a few tricks up my sleeve.
  18. it's easy to realise that someone has a secret, simply by looking at that person's face.
    It is written all over your face
  19. a proverb used to warn against being too curious lest one come to harm.
    Curiosity killed the cat
  20. to disclose a secret [idiom]
    to spill the beans

    So who spilt the beans about her affair with David?
  21. to keep sth as a secret or in confidence
    Keep this information under your hat.
  22. to do (or be permitted to do) something that's not normally allowed [idiom]
    to bend the rules

    We don't usually let students take books home, but I'll bend the rules this time.
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