Whispers From The Grave

  1. allegedly (uh-LEJ-id-lee) adverb
    • having been stated as fact without
    • proof; reportedly

    example: Brooke and Mary are in the principal’s office. They allegedly made some inappropriate comments about Kari, although I have never heard them 
  2. alluring (uh-LOOR-ing) adjective;
    very attractive or tempting; enticing

    • example: I cannot wait another second
    • to sink my teeth into this alluring chocolate cake.
  3. blueprint (BLOO-print) noun;
    a detailed plan or outline

    • example: The contractors who are
    • remodeling our kitchen did not follow the blueprint; they put the space for the refrigerator on the wrong wall.
  4. eccentricity (ek-suhn-TRIS-ih-tee) noun;
    oddness; peculiarity; unusualness

    example: I would hate it if Uncle Ralph put away his brightly colored clothes and crazy hats and started dressing like everyone else. I love his eccentricity!
  5. paranormal (par-uh-NAWR-muhl) adjective;
    • not scientifically explainable;
    • supernatural

    • example: This Halloween, my friends and
    • I are going to be ghost hunters, searching for paranormal
    • activity in the abandoned house near
    • the railroad tracks.
  6. rattled (RAT-uhld) adjective; 
    unnerved, frightened, or confused

    • example: On Halloween night, a strange
    • creature with glowing eyes ran in front of Jake’s car, causing him to swerve violently. Jake was so rattled that he missed his next turn.

  7. recluse (REK-loos) noun; 
    a person who lives apart from society

    • example: The character in the story
    • that I am writing is a recluse; he lives in a small cabin on a
    • mountain and has no contact with the outside world.
  8. skepticism (SKEP-tuh-siz-uhm) noun; 
    doubt that something is true; disbelief

    example: I understand your skepticism, but I swear I had a conversation with an alien last night
  9. tuberculosis (too-bur-kyuh-LOH-sis) noun; 
    • a highly contagious bacterial disease
    • that usually affects the lungs but can also affect
    • other parts of the body, such as the brain, kidneys, or spine

    example: Tuberculosis can be spread through coughing, speaking, laughing, singing, or sneezing.
  10. vengeful (VENJ-fuhl) adjective; 
    desiring or seeking revenge

    • example: When Claire returned from a
    • long trip, her vengeful cat threw up in Claire’s shoe.
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