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  1. damage to vestibular system results in...
    loss of balence
  2. we can substitute tactile inputs for...
    visual or **vestibular inputs 
  3. brain is **modality independent w/ regaurds to senses means what?
    areas such as visual areas of brain can be activated by tactile and auditory perception
  4. In split-brain the left hemisphere does what?
    reps stuff in right visual field, controls rt hand, and controls speech
  5. In split-brain the rt hemisphere does what?
    rep stuff in lft visual field, controls lft hand, does not control speech but understands it
  6. in split-brain pt, what can right hemisphere do that left cant?
    recognize faces
  7. there is lots of cortical mass designated to...
    hands, mouth, lips area
  8. do haptic sensations modulate food perception?
    touch impacts how food feels in one's mouth (prezel example)
  9. somatosensory cortex rep...
     anatomical divisions 
  10. phantom limbs =...
    sensation that amputated limb is still attached to body
  11. apraxia =...
    loss of ability to execute or carry out learned purposeful movements
  12. 'what' pathway =
     ventral stream travels to temporal lobe and is involved with object identification
  13. 'how' pathway = 
    dorsal stream terminates in the parietal lobe and processes spacial locations and controls and interacts with motor system
  14. pareidolia = 
    seeing things in random stimuli.  highlights drive we have to impose structure on things.
  15. damage in 'what' pathway results in...
    inability to recognize OR understand visual stimulus
  16. Aperceptive Agnosia = 
    inability to percieve objs
  17. Associative agnosia =
    able to percieve objs but cannot identify them
  18. Prosopagnosia =
    unable to recognize faces. associated with the **fusiform gryus
  19. Amygdala =
    primary role is to process emotional reactions
  20. Emotion blindness =
    implicit emotional response causes ppl to miss things in environment.   e.g. see flash of images, people tend to miss images after gory image. 
  21. Process of threat circuit =
    thalamus bypasses occiptal cortex and goes to amygdala for quick threat response
  22. **Iowa gambling task = 
    • card game which measures response to gains and losses
    • -> each card gives a gain
    • -> 1 in 10 cards also gives a loss per deck
    • -> Deck A: $100 per gain; -$1250 per loss; net gain -$250
    • -> Deck B: $50 per gain; -$250 per loss; net gain $250
  23. in Iowa gambling task Low psychopathy pts will...
    first will favor deck A, but eventually favor deck B
  24. Iowa gambling task high psychopathy pts will...
    consistently go for deck A through whole game
  25. capgras' delusion = 
    • imparment where ppl who you care about seem like imposters.
    • visual "what" pathway is severed from **amygdala.
  26. flashbulb memory =
    vivid memory of moment/circumstance where suprising news was heard
  27. hippocampus = 
    consolidation of information from short-term to long-term memory, and navigation. pt HM had hippocampus removed. result: lack of rich memories.
  28. amnesia =
    condition in which one's memory is lost
  29. semantic memory =
     memory of meaning, understandings, and other concept-based knowledge
  30. episodic memory = 
    memory of autobiographical events(times, places, associated emotions)
  31. **amnesic pts lack ability to...
    put self in future
  32. plotted how much you have to give someone now so they give up future reward, and amnesic pts had normal plot line. This shows...
    shows reward and worth are evaluated by **semantic memory not **episodic memory
  33. semantic dementia = 
    disorder associated with loss of semantic memory
  34. Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis = 
    linguistic categories and usage influence thought, perception and behaviour
  35. broca's area =
     region of brain linked to speech production
  36. Wernicke's area = 
    understanding of written and spoken language 
  37. anomia =
    sever problem recalling words or names
  38.  **sapir-worf hypothesis suggests what about language and thinking?
    suggests language wks as 'online caterogizer'
  39.  stimulation of **lft angular gyrus results in...
     impression of person lurking behind
  40. stimulation of **rt angular gyrus results in...
    out-of-body experience of floating on ceiling
  41. self-location is the perception that...
    you feel the physical self to be located in space
  42.  first-person perspective is the perception that...
    world is percieved from here
  43. self-identity is the perception that 
    degree to which you identify w/ your body
  44. *misoplegia = 
     disorder where hand appears to take a mind of it's own (alien hand syndrome)
  45. supernumerary phantom limbs =
    affected individual recieves sensory info from limbs that never existed
  46. autoscopic experience = 
    experience of seeing body position outside of body
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