Tech 201 Ch 5

  1. Founded on Ancient Crete, possible origin: Phoenicia. capital: Knossos
  2. Minoan food production:
    major problem because of crappy land for soil and irrigation, and was too small for it, solved problem by trading.
  3. Minoan labor specialization:
    followed naturally because of requirements of trade. Traded olive oil, wine, metal products like copper, and grains.
  4. Minoan art:
    Frescos, pottery, and metalwork. (really liked dolphins).
  5. Minoan ships:
    Pentekonter: single banked ship with a crew of 50Bireme: two tiers of rowersTrireme: three tiers of rowers
  6. Minoan order/organization:
    an island of palace towns, had aqueducts, sewers, grain storage, heating and cooling for homes. Palaces had divisions: private, government, religious, and public.
  7. Minoan writing system:
    Linear A = Minoans and Linear B = Mycenaeans.
  8. Fall of minoans:
    maybe because of Thera eruption that polluted everything and caused tsunamis.  After eruption, Mycenaeans conquered.
  9. Greek mainlanders, may have conquered Minoans, built strong fortresses, capitol was Mycenaea
  10. loved peace, beauty, and leisure.
  11. Loved war, religion, and heros.
  12. Dark age of greece:
    Writing virtually disappeared, fewer and smaller settlements, pottery artwork diminished, Hittite civilization collapsed, cities from Troy to Gaza were destroyed.
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Tech 201 Ch 5
Tech 201 Ch 5