Tech 201 Ch 4

  1. Why did China fall?
    because of isolation and eventually bureaucracy, creativity was destroyed.
  2. What was the Han dynasty known for?
    • was considered Golden Age of China, used Confucian concepts, had an imperial-style government, was known for military prowess.
    • Creativity: paper, great canals, and art.
  3. Who was Qin?
    First emperor of China, was ruthless, big contributor to Silk Road, Terracotta Warriors buried with him.
  4. His teachings became known as Tao Te Ching or “The Way.” Believed nature was the best teacher and believed wu-wei/ non-action. Yin Yang.
  5. What was confucious' system of the 5 relationships?
    • ruler to subject
    • father to son
    • husband to wife
    • older bro to younger bro
    • friend to friend
  6. He believed good government was based on honesty, dependability, hard work, and loyalty. Had the system of the 5 relationships.
  7. China was built on which river?
  8. What were 2 technological advances from India?
    • single digit numbers and 0.
    • Arabic numbers come from India
  9. What are the 4 noble truths of Buddhism?
    • Suffering is with us throughout life
    • Suffering and conflict come from craving pleasure
    • Nirvana comes from rooting out these desires
    • Suffering ceases by observing 8 fold path
  10. In Hinduism, what are God's three aspects?
    • Bhadavan: personal aspect
    • Ishvara: Controller of the universe aspect
    • Ishwar: Formless, all powerful, abstract, but has taken all forms to operate world:
  11. Hindu Lord Brahma:
  12. Hindu Lord Vishnu:
  13. Hindu Lord Shiva
  14. main four diverse beliefs of Hinduism:
    • dharma: ethics and duty
    • samsara: rebirth
    • Karma: right action
    • moksha: liberation from cycle of samsara
  15. This society used oven baked bricks, had a sewage system, strong outer walls, used first known stirrup, had great public baths and reservoirs
  16. What were the 4 main castes in india brought in by the Aryans?
    • Brahmans (priests)= Ayran
    • Aristocrats and Warriors= Aryan
    • Peasants and craftsmen= Dravidian
    • Untouchables= Dravidian
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