1. validity-the concptual definition
    • the validity of a measurement is the correlation between this measurement and the true measurement of the construct.
    • this is impossible because we can never have a "true" measurement of a abstact construct that is why we call it abstract
  2. construct validation
    • since we cant have a direct measurement of an abstract construct, we take an indirect approach. we take an "end-run" around the problem by measuring a construct in multiple ways
    • each measurement provides a different perspective on the construct
    • correlate variable that we can measure
  3. content validity
    looks at the applicability and breadth of the measurements of the construct
  4. criterion-related validity
    • two types: concurrent criterion validity
    • predictive criterion validity
  5. Concurrent criterion validity
    the criterion is measured at the same time as the test
  6. Predictive criterion validity
    • the criterion is measured later, after the test
    • ex. pregnancy test, fighter jet pilot test, firefighter test
  7. convergent validity
    • multiple tests of the same thing
    • usually involves correlating a new test of a construct(ex. intelligence) with a well established test of the same construct
  8. discriminant validity
    • measurements should not correlate with different and irrelevant constructs
    • in other words, your measurement should discriminate between what you want to measure and things you dont want to measure
  9. experimental manipulation
    • use our measurement as a dependent variable in an experiment
    • create an independent variable that should have an effec on our measurement (DV)
    • ex. we created a measurement for mood. we then manipulate mood in an obvious way and see whether it influences our measurement
    • we do an experiment to test whether an independent variable that is known to have a effect on an dependent variable that we are not sure about
  10. formula to find correlation
    • n(n-1)
    •      2
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