the skeletal system

  1. Definision of diaphysis?
     is the bone shaft or body - the long' cylindrical, main portion of the bone . 
  2. Definision of epiphysis?
    growing over ; singular the distal and proximal ends of the bone. 
  3. Definision of metaphyses?
    between; the regions in a mature bone where the diaphysis joins the ephiphysis. 
  4. Definition of articular cartilage?
    is a thin layer of hyaline cartilage coving the part of the ephiphysis where the bone forms a joint or articulation. 
  5. Definition of periosteum?
     is a tough sheath of dense irregular Connective tissue that surrounds the bone surface wherever it is not covered by articular cartilage . 
  6. Definition of medullary cavity?
    (marrow) is the space within the diaphysis that contains fatty yelloe bone marrow in adults.
  7. Definition of a endosteum?
    a thin membrane that lines the medullary cavity.
  8. Definition of Osteogenic cells?
    are unspecialized stem cells derived from mesenchyme found along the inner portion of the periosteum, endostreum, and canals within the bone containing blood vessels.
  9. Definition of Osteoblasts?
    the bone-building cells.
  10. Definition of Osteocytes?
    (cells) mature bone cells main; the main cells in bone tissue and maintain it's daily motabolism; exchanges nutrients and waste in the blood.
  11. Definition of Osteoclasts?
    Huge cells derived from the fusion of 50 or more monocytes-a type of white blood cell; and concentrated in the endosteum.
  12. Definition of Osteons?
    components of compact bone tissue that is arraged into repeating units.
  13. What a the bone looks like :)
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  14. Definition of haversian canal?
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    • rub longitudinaly through the bone.
  15. Defintion of Trabeuclae?
    irregular lattice of thin columns.
  16. Definition of Epiphyseal plate?
    a layer of hyaline cartilage in the metaohysis of growing bone.
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