1. Density:
    Amount of mass in a unit of volume
  2. Cohension:
    Attraction between water molecules that allows water to form drops & keeps it liquid at room temperature
  3. Polar Molecule:
    Molecule with a slightly positive end and a slightly negative end as a result of electrons being shared equally
  4. Irrigation:
    Piping water from elsewhere to grow crops
  5. Groundwater:
    Water contained in the open spaces, or pores, of soil and rock
  6. Surface Water:
    All the freshwater at earth's surface including lakes ,streams ,rivers and resevoirs
  7. Soil Water:
    Groundwater that is trapped within openings in the soil and keeps plants and crops alive
  8. States of water:
    When you put ice in your drink, it is a Solid.  When you  drink water it is a Liquid. Even when you breathe, you breathe water as a Gas
  9. Water Conservation:
    The careful use and protection of water
  10. Agriculture:
    Farming or growing crops
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